"Whose Blood Is That?" is the 62nd episode of How to Get Away with Murder.

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Annalise preps to defend her first class action plaintiff and adjusts to the politics of the new job; Frank is suspicious of Gabriel and does some investigating of his own; Asher complicates Bonnie's new life away from Annalise.[2]

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  • The title of the episode was said by Michaela Pratt when she was talking to Bonnie Winterbottom at the Coliver Wedding reception. Micheala and Bonnie were in the bathroom when Michaela saw blood on Bonnie's shoe. She asked her "whose blood is that?" repeatedly as Bonnie didn't answer back.

Music[edit | edit source]

Song Artist Scene
"I Gotta Go" The Ditalians At the Coliver Wedding, people are dancing. Bonnie walks through the snow with Christopher back to the church.
"Driver, Passenger" Zoot Woman Frank goes to make friends with Gabriel; Oliver tries to feed Christopher; Annalise gets new furniture; Nate further investigates the DNA results.
"Intruder" Moderat Frank watches Christopher; Ronald kisses Bonnie as they have a date in his office.
"True Love" Otzeki Laurel gets Christopher into daycare; Nate gets his request signed by distracting Ronald; Annalise is ordered to fall in line; Asher meets his new neighbor, Gabriel; Frank watches Gabriel through cameras he installed in his apartment.

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