"Where Are Your Parents?" is the 73rd episode of How to Get Away with Murder.


Annalise gathers everyone together for the holidays while she wrestles over a difficult decision about her future, and the investigation into Miller’s murder starts to widen.[2]


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  • The picture on Pam Walsh's social media account is deleted.
  • Laurel Castillo receives a phone call from an unknown number and assumes that it's her mother, Sandrine Castillo. Heavy breathing can be heard on the phone. The caller hands up without saying anything.
  • As an attempt to get her to talk, Agent Claire Telesco calls Annalise Keating in for questioning and offers her complete immunity for everything. She initially declines due to her spending Christmas with her mother, Ophelia Harkness.
    • Days later, Tegan Price takes matters into her own hands and sleeps with Claire and uses it to get her thrown off the case. When Annalise goes in for questioning, she is left waiting in the interrogation room until another agent informs her that her questioning has been canceled. This is due to Claire's removal.
  • Ronald Miller;s funeral is held where Sheila Miller gives a heartfelt farewell to her son. She then goes up to Bonnie Winterbottom after and demands that she find whoever murdered her son so that they can be locked up in jail so that they can rot.
    • Bonnie struggles with everything and reveals to Frank that she thinks that she might be pregnant due to her being a week late. She takes a pregnancy test which reveals she isn't.
  • Annalise holds a Christmas themed dinner party at her fancy apartment where her mother, Frank Delfino, Bonnie, Emmett Crawford, Nate Lahey and Tegan are in attendance.
    • After, Emmett looks like he tries to go in for a kiss with Annalise but she moves away.
    • Similarly, the students also hold their own Christmas dinner at their house where Frank (although he doesn't attend) invites Gabriel Maddox for them to keep him close. Connor Walsh's mother Pam Walsh is also invited.
  • The police discover that the bleach and acid used on Miller's body are from a company which was a major donor to the Governer's previous campaign. They also uncover further evidence on Miller's cars tires which point to the same company.
    • Governor Lynne Birkhead realizes that enough is enough due to her reputation being dismantled and calls Annalise to call a truce and hands her evidence which points to Nathaniel Lahey, Sr.'s murderer, Emmett Crawford.


  • During the Christmas dinner party at the Keating 4 house, Connor, Laurel, Oliver, Michaela, Asher and Gabriel along with Connor's mother, Pam Walsh are in attendance. Pam notices that she is the only parent attending and because it's the holidays, asks everyone, "where are your parents?"




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