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"That's a lie. He wasn't just a stranger. He was, um... He felt... He... He felt... He felt like my son. He felt like my son... because he was. He was my son. He was my son. He was my son. And he's gone."
Annalise Keating to the AA group about Wes Gibbins

"Wes" is the 45th episode of How to Get Away with Murder.

This episode is the second part of the season 3 finale, and premiered immediately following "He Made a Terrible Mistake".


Annalise and the Keating 4 test the limits of how far they'll go to save themselves while the chilling details from the night of the fire reveal who killed Wes.[2]



Wes calling Annalise.

At 8:22PM of the night of Wes' death, Wes and Nate are talking in Annalise's house. Wes confesses to him that he has done horrible things to Annalise. Nate questions what he means but Wes just tells him to leave. Nate gets a call from the police and they ask him whether he knows anything about Wes walking out of the precinct earlier that day. He tells them that he doesn't know anything about it, nor where he currently is. Nate puts the phone down and tells Wes that letting him go goes against his better judgement. Nate also tells Wes that the police will search the house for him so he shouldn't open the door. Nate then leaves. Wes makes a phone call to Annalise but its goes to voicemail. He tells her that he has just got to the house. He tells he has just been to the police station and that they have found Rebecca's body and that they are planning on pinning the murder of Sam on her. He tells her that she cannot go down for what he did and to come home. Before Wes can say anything else, Wes is grabbed from behind and his phone hits the floor. Dominick injects Wes with a syringe. Wes elbows Dominick in the face and begins to feel the effects of the syringe. He picks up a vodka bottle and smashes it around Dominick's head and tries to make a run for it. He stumbles to the door but doesn't make it and falls to the floor. The effects of the injection take full effect. He slowly crawls to the door, using all of his strength while calling for help. Dominick comes up from behind and rolls him onto his back. He puts one of his gloves into Wes' mouth and squeezes his nose and places his hand over his mouth, suffocating him. Dominick then drags Wes' body through the house into the basement and unscrews the gas line. He then leaves it to fill the room. The flame from the boiler still burning. After the house goes up in flames, Dominick sits in his car and rings Jorge Castillo. Connor runs past. He tells Jorge that they have a problem. Jorge only really cares whether Wes is dead or not. Dominick confirms that Wes is dead but it got messy. After she is informed, Annalise is sat in the ambulance while the firefighters put out the fire, listening to the voicemail that Wes left her and deletes it.

Present DayEdit

Michaela and Oliver are at the precinct asking an officer where Connor is. Michaela tells her that he was taken in by the D.A. the day before. The officer searches the system but can't find anyone with that name. Oliver tells her that he isn't an offender and that he has been kidnapped and is being held against his will. The officer questions Oliver's state of mind as she doesn't believe him. Michaela tells the officer that Oliver is her client and that he is upset that his boyfriend is missing and demands for a missing persons report. The officer gives in and asks when he was last seen. Michaela tells her that he was last seen the night before at 7:00PM. The officer tells her that it hasn't even been 24 hours since he has gone missing. She asks them if there is a possibility that Connor is just hiding from them.

Asher goes to see D.A. Todd Denver but as he doesn't have an appointment, his assistant won't let him in. Asher asks if he is in his office but his assistant refuses to give out any information. Asher tries to offer up information about a case that he is working on so that the assistant might let him in. The assistant now rings security to get Asher removed from the building. Asher tries to get her to hang up the phone but fails so he runs to Denver's office. Once he opens the door, there is no one inside. Asher is then escorted out of the building by two security guards. Just as he is about to go down the elevator, he sees Denver about to go in the men's room and messages Bonnie where he is. Moments later, Bonnie enters the third floor men's room as Denver is just finishing up. Denver makes a joke but Bonnie skips straight to the chase and asks him where Connor is. Playing dumb, Denver asks what she means. Bonnie tells him that once Connor found out about his burner phone that he used to frame a client he kidnapped him. Denver tells her that that was a good story and walks out of the men's room. Bonnie then calls Annalise, who is in the car with Nate, and tells her that she found Denver but not Connor. Annalise asks her what he said and Bonnie tells her that he is playing dumb and that he is scared. Bonnie asks her is she is almost there and Annalise tells her that she will call her after and hangs up the phone. The car stops at its destination and Nate tells her that she could still make a run for it and go to Canada. Annalise tells him that she has been running for long enough and gets out of the car and heads into 'The Henwick.' Walking through the front door, she is greeted by a waiter who takes her to her table. Annalise is meeting with Sylvia Mahoney who is already at the table waiting for her.

At Bonnie's house, Bonnie walks through the door. Asher suggests that they could pull the fire alarm to get everyone out but Michaela reminds him that he could get arrested. Laurel is sure that it doesn't matter anyway as she thinks that Connor has already signed an immunity deal. Oliver walks over to her and tells her that he would never do anything like that. While Oliver and Laurel are bickering, Bonnie tells them all to sit down. The two continue to fight. Everyone tries to get them to calm down but they just ignore them. Bonnie shouts louder and tells them that she needs to tell them something. Oliver quickly asks if it is about Connor but Bonnie says that its about Annalise. She tells them that she is meeting with Sylvia Mahoney.

Back at the restaurant, another waitress called Clara asks them if they want any drinks. Annalise just wants water and Sylvia asks for the same. Sylvia asks Annalise what she wants to talk about as she called her. Annalise wants to clear up whatever's going on between them. Sylvia thinks that a truce would be a bit naive. Annalise thinks that its practical but Sylvia thinks its delusional as she wouldn't get any answers for what happened, what Annalise has done to her family. Sylvia offers to list them. Annalise reminds her that she has already lived through something that happened because of her and her husband, the death of her son. Sylvia reminds her that what took her sons life was a car accident. Interrupting them, the waitress returns with their water and starts listing the specials. Annalise stops her and tells her that this isn't a good time. The waitress leaves. Sylvia asks how Annalise can whine to her about her life when her husband was gunned down in the middle of the street and that her son was framed for the murder. Annalise claims to have had nothing to do with that. Sylvia tells her that there is no piece to be had if they keep lying to each other. Annalise raises her voice slightly and tells Sylvia that she need to listen to her. She swears on her son and Sylvia's husband's graves that she isn't lying to her.

In prison, Frank is on the phone to Denver. He is ready to take a deal that takes Annalise down but Denver tells him that the offer is off of the table. Denver is going down some steps with a bag of food in his hand. Frank asks him why he won't take his offer as asks him if he has someone else to rat on her. Denver tells him that he has and that he is going to build his entire case around him. Frank tells him that he can't use Connor as a rat as everything he says can be thrown out. Denver, still playing dumb asks what the big deal is with Connor and puts down the phone. Inside a room, Connor is handcuffed to a table. Denver walks through the door and gives him a sandwich. Connor asks if the only thing he is going to get if he turns on Annalise is a sandwich. Denver pulls out a folder out of his bang and tells him that he gets immunity. Connor refuses to comply and reminds Denver that he only has 48 hours to hold him. Denver agrees with him but as the paperwork hasn't been filed, he can keep him for as long as he wants. Connor says that what he is doing is illegal and Denver reminds him that it is also illegal to kill his professor and leaves him to think about the deal.

In the restaurant, Annalise and Sylvia are still having a heated discussion. If Sylvia wont give Annalise a truce then Annalise tells her that they are wasting each others time. Sylvia tells her that Wes told the police that her son was the killer and Wes worked for Annalise. Annalise picks out that Sylvia called Wes "the boy." Sylvia calls it her being polite saying what he did to her family. Annalise asks her what she did to him and confirmed that she run a DNA test on him. Sylvia tells her that she didn't need a DNA test. Annalise tells her that her husband raped Wes' mother and a life came out of it. Sylvia gets confused and tells her that she is wrong. Annalsie talks over her and reminds her of what her and her family has done. Sylvia finally gets a word in and tells Annalise that Wes wasn't her husband's son and that he was Charles'.

Ten years earlier, Sylvia and her son are walking on the sidewalk, on their way so a party. They run into Rose and her son. Rose says that she doesn't usually bring Christophe but her babysitter cancelled. Sylvia tells her not to worry and walks up to Christophe and asks for his name. The boy tells her it and Sylvia introduces him to her son, Charles. They both greet each other. Rose tells them that they should be getting going and walks away with her son. As they are walking off, Christophe and Charles exchange looks and Sylvia instantly knows that Christophe is Charles' son.

Back at the restaurant, Sylvia tells Annalise that she was so wrong about everything. She could never kill her grandson, she had nothing to do with him. Annalise tells her that she had everything to do with what happened to him. She supported her son, the rapist while she left her grandson to grow up, poor and alone. Sylvia tells her that that isn't what happened. Annalise is confused as to why she is still protecting her son. Sylvia responds with that he is her son and that Annalise wouldn't know what that was like as she doesn't have one. Sylvia gets up and tells her that she has had enough. Annalise stands up and continues the argument. She tells Sylvia how her son went cold in her hands. Sylvia tells her that she is wrong about so much and walks away and out of the restaurant.

Back at the house, Annalise tells the others what happened with Sylvia. Michaela thinks that Sylvia is lying but Annalise doesn't think so. They all discuss theories of what is going on when Oliver wants to speak. Ehen he gets everyone's attention, he tells everyone that even though they all want to find out who killed Wes, they should put all of their effort into finding Connor. Laurel gets mad but Bonnie tells him that Nate's handling it. Oliver says that he has another idea. He wants to plant child porn on Denvers computer and blackmail him to give Connor back otherwise they would go to the police. Michaela questions where they will get the porn from. Annalise denies the idea and tells Oliver that she is doing everything that she can. Oliver isn't convinced and accuses everyone of treating him as a horrible person. Asher distinctively eats chips which diverts Michaela's attention to him as well as Laurel's. He offers Laurel on but she gets up to be sick because of the strong smell of the chips. As the two argue, Bonnie tells them all that they need to leave. Asher asks if it is because he is eating her food and Bonnie tells them all that it is her house and her rules. She also says that if they have any net information, they will call them.

Todd Denver shows Connor an envelope.

Denver is sat in his car when Dominick gets in. Denver asks him if he has what he wants. Dominick reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out an envelope which he hands to Denver. Denver snatches it out of his hands and examines its contents. After he is happy, he tells Dominic to get out. Denver then takes the envelope to Connor and takes out the phone. Connor asks whose phone it is to which Denver tells him that its Wes'. Connor asks him if he had it the whole time and Denver tells him that they found it in Connor's car when they brought him into custody. which proves that he killed Wes. Connor asks why he is doing this to him and comes up with different sinarious of what his endgame is. Denver tells him to sign it or go down with the murder of Wes.

Back at Bonnie's Annalise is sat in the kitchen. Bonnie walks in and Annalise asks if Sylvia played her. Bonnie doesn't respond so Annalise takes her answer as a yes. Bonnie questions that if Sylvia really cared for Wes, then why didn't she do something about it. She also says that Sylvia has hurt people before such as her and her baby. Annalise is sure that Wallace killed her baby. She gets up and grabs her bag. Bonnie asks her where she is going. Annalise tells her that she is going to a meeting. Annalise drives to her burned house. Annalise enters her scorched house and heads upstairs. Annalise enters her bedroom and sees all of the burned things. Annalise opens up her clauset and rummages through all of the debre until she finds a box. She goes and sits down and opens it. She roots through it until she finds the photo of her and Sam with her still born baby. Connor is still handcuffed to the table with the immunity deal in front of him. He blows the pages for something to do. When it wont move, he gives up.

Asher tells Michaela that he loves her.

Laurel is searching the web about Charles and finds a post about him going to a favourite bar in New York. Asher comes over with pizza and asks her what she is reading. The smell of the cheesy pizza is too much for Laurel and she rushes to he sick again. Michaela looks at Asher is disapproval. Oliver is on the phone to the police to see if they know anything more about Connor's disappearance. The police refuse to give Oliver any new information as he isn't family. Oliver argues that he is his boyfriend. Asher goes over to Michaela who is studding. Asher wants to tell her something. He tells her that he loves her. Michaela doesn't say it back and makes an excuse saying that Laurel called for her. Michaela tells Laurel what Asher said to her. Laurel tells her that she needs to respond to him at some point. Laurel asks if she loves him which Michaela doesn't know. Michaela tells her how she fell in love with Aiden. Michaela tells Laurel that she had a bad childhood, that she never learned the proper way to love or be loved. Laurel tells her that she will know when she knows. Michaela asks Laurel when she knew with Wes. Laurel tells her that she knew when he was already dead.

At the precinct, Nate approaches Detective Brianna Davis and asks her if Denver is blackmailing her. She turns around and tells him that he should worry about himself and indicates Denver behind him and walks off to leave them to talk. Nate tells him that she was a good detective. Nate asks where Connor is. Denver tries to work out why Nate is so loyal to Annalise saying what she has done for him. He asks if it is the sex and calls Nate a trained dog. Nate claims that he has been working in his office for months, gathering information to try and bring him down. Denver tells him that there is nothing there. Nate claims that he has a file full of evidence. Denver looses his temper and tells Nate that he is going to jail with Annalise and clarifies that he is fired.

Detective Davis and an officer arrest Connor for the murder of Wes. Connor turns to Denver and tells him that he will give him what he wants but Denver tells him that the deal is off the table. As Denver is walking out, Connor tells him that he knows something that will put her away. He tells them about the copy of Annalise's phone Oliver made. Davis goes to Oliver's apartment and storms in with a warrant. Other cops enter the apartment and find his laptop. Michaela grabs the warrant and reads what they are looking for. One of the officers finds a the memory stick with the information on it.

Bonnie wakes Annalise and tells her about the copy of her phone and that the police have got it. Bonnie tells her that Oliver said that there was nothing on it. Annalise sits up and says that Wes left a voicemail on the night of his death. The gang meets at Bonnie's place and Annalise tells them about the voicemail. That she deleted it to protect his memory. Laurel thinks that she deleted it as it incriminated her. Bonnie tells her that it incriminated all of them. Asher tells them all that Oliver didn't find a voicemail so that means that its gone. Oliver tells him that the voicemail could still be on the phone, he could have just missed it. Laurel is ready to turn on Connor but Oliver runs to his rescue. He tells them that he told Connor that there was nothing on it so Connor probably thought that it was harmless. Annalise tells them that it isn't Connor's fault and that she has a plan that might work but it requires another suspect. Michaela assumes that she means Frank and Asher thinks that she means the Mahomey's. Annalise stares at Laurel with approval. Laurel understands what she means and tells her no. Everyone is confused and Annalise tells her that its the only way. Laurel tells them all that she means Wes. Michaela thinks that Denver won;t go for it. Laurel tells Annalise that she's a hypocrite for turning on Wes. Laurel turns to Bonnie and calls her a murderer for killing Rebecca. Bonnie tells her that she needs to calm down. Laurel carries on with the accusations and Annalise stands up and tells her to grow up. That she is doing this for all of them so that don't have to go to prison. She says that Wes would want them to do it. Laurel walks out.

Back at Michaela's apartment, Asher is doing sit-ups when Michaela asks him if he is mad at her for not saying 'i love you' back. Asher asks her why he would be mad at her and Michaela tells him to stop doing sit-ups. He claims to be doing them for her benefit as a ploy to get her to love him. She explains that she doesn't think that its fair for her to say it and not mean it but as she isn't sure whether she loves him or not. There's a knock on the door and Asher goes to answer it. Its Laurel and Asher lets her in. Laurel explains that she doesn't think that Annalise's plan is going to work. She thinks that they are all going to go down for it and she doesn't think that its worth it if she doesn't find out what really happened to Wes. She asks for their support but when Asher and Michaela ask what she needs her support for she asks for them to agree to it first. At Bonnie's home, Oliver is pacing the room while Bonnie is sat in the armchair. Oliver asks why Annalise hasn't called yet. Bonnie reassures Oliver by telling him that she will call.

Annalise is in Denver's office. She is trying to explain that there isn't going to be a winner to their fight. She offers up a get out card and Denver is curious. She tells him that they will find a voicemail on her phone that was from Wes. That the voicemail contain evidence that Wes killed both Rebecca and her husband, Sam. That Wes showed signs of aggression at an early age and was suspected of stabbing his mother. Annalise explains that Wes didn't want to go to jail so he killed himself to stop that from happening. Denver is sceptical that Wes would kill himself in the way he died. Annalise tells him that he needs to sell that and that she has given him all that he needs to drop her charges. Denver refuses. Annalise tells him that Wes was driven to his death by him and lets him think that she is handing him all of the cards by telling him that he has won. She tells him to take the information that she has given to him and use it to close the case. Otherwise, Annalise threatens him that she will come for him. Denver then agrees to her terms and gives her back Connor. Annalise and Connor arrive back at Bonnie's. Annalise goes in first and Oliver asks if it worked. Annalise then moves to the side, allowing room for Connor to get through the door. Connor and Oliver embrace and after, Connor asks where everyone is.

Connor and Oliver have sex.

Michaela is at the bar that Charles likes to go in New York and approaches him. Laurel and Asher are at the other end of the bar, watching her back. She asks him if he would recommend the bar for dinner. Charles tells her that the food is ok but the drinks are better. Michaela flirts with him as asks him to buy her a drink to see if she agrees. Denver then retrieves the voicemail from the laptop and gives it to the judge. After listening to it, Denver recaps by saying that Wes Gibbins was clearly behind both of the murders of Sam and Rebecca. Denver tells the judge that with the new evidence, his entire case on Annalise is worthless. The judge tells him that it depends on what the jury thinks. Denver tells her that he no longer wants to bring the case to a jury. He points out Nate and tells the judge that Nate was right all along, that Annalise had played no part in the murders. The judge tells them that they are going to get destroyed in the press but Denver is adamant that he is making the right call and agrees with his motion. Connor and Oliver are back at Oliver's apartment and are not taking eachothers clothes off. Oliver tells him that he thought Connor might have been kept in some kind of well. Connor just kisses him and tells him that it wasn't that bad. Oliver offers to move to California if he wants as well as make many babies. As this involves sex, Connor loves the idea and pushes Oliver onto the bed and starts kissing his back. Oliver rolls over and tells him that he is serious and asks him to marry him.

Laurel running into Dominick, the family 'friend'.

Laurel and Asher are still watching Michaela's back. Laurel is sulking and Asher takes note. He makes the connection that it is because Wes is gone and she misses him. He tells her that he misses his dad every day. Laurel focuses more on whats happening with Michaela and Charles while Asher is still trying to talk to her. Once Michaela gets up, Laurel stops Asher and asks him what is happening. Charles pays the cheque and Michaela gestures with her head for Laurel to follow her to the restroom. Laurel and Asher storm into the restroom and Michaela tells them that they are going back to Charles' place. Michaela realises that being with another man has made her realise that she loves Asher. Laurel tries to get them to stop talking about their love life and about Clarles but the two keep reverting to their conversation. Laurel starts to leave and the try to stop her. She tells them that she is going to take care of it herself and shows them a gun. The two rush after Laurel as she walks out of the restroom. Laurel storms off and Michaela and Asher try to catch up with her but the crowd slows them down. Michaela shouts 'stop that girl.' Laurel makes it outside and sees Charles by a cab. Laurel walks over to Charles when Dominick intercepts her path. She immediately recognises him. He tells her to give him a hug and the two embrace. She asks him what he is doing in New York and he says work. Michaela and Asher arrive. They ask who the guy is and Laurel introduces him as a family friend. Charles sees that Michaela isn't coming and gets into the cab and dives away.

Annalise crying over Wes.

At a AA meeting, Annalise offers to speak first. She tells the group her name and that she is an alcoholic. She tells the group that she lost someone, a student. That she knew him since he was a boy. And after his mother died, she did her best to try and look out for him as she couldn't leave him alone. She tells the group that it was because she lost her baby, that she felt like a mother to the student. She tells them that she let him into her life, that she ruined him and that if she would have just left him alone then he would be alive right now. Annalise begins crying and tells the group that Wes was a son to her. After her meltdown at the AA meeting, Annalise arrives home and Bonnie is staring at her, waiting to tell her something. Frank walks into view from around the corner. He's been let go by the police. He walks over to Annalise and gets to his knees. He tells her that it should have been him that died. He offers his life to her, to be in service to her and tells her that he will do anything for her.

Notes and TriviaEdit


  • This episode scored 4.92 viewers.
  • All the taxis outside where Charles Mahoney was waiting for Michaela Pratt have the same taxi license number on the roof.
  • The episode was originally supposed to be called "Save Them, Not Me" but was changed to "Wes" for unknown reasons.[3]
  • This is the last episode of which Bill D'Elia is credited as an executive producer. After this episode, he is no longer credited and it can be assumed he left the show.
  • In this episode, Barack Obama is mentioned by Michaela Pratt. However, in Season 4, it is established that the show takes place in the same universe as Scandal. In Scandal however, Barack Obama never became president nor was he ever mentioned in any capacity. As this episode aired before any decision was made to link the two shows together, this can now be seen as a goof.


  • The events of the Fire at the Keating House are concluded after the mystery started in "We're Good People Now".
  • This is the last episode which lists Alfred Enoch as series regular, due to the death of his character in the series. However, Pete Nowalk, the creator and an executive producer of the show, revealed that there is a possible opening for Alfred's character to return on a recurring basis in flashbacks later on in the fourth season which proved to be true.

Important EventsEdit

  • What happened on the night that Keating House was set ablaze is concluded. The murderer of Wes Gibbins is revealed to be Dominick, who murdered Wes on the orders of Jorge Castillo, the father of Laurel Castillo. The reason or reasons why Jorge had Wes killed are currently unknown though it can be assumed that it has something to do with Wes getting Laurel pregnant, though this is not confirmed.
  • It is later revealed that Dominick has some sort of connection with the Castillo family as when he "bumped" into Laurel on the street the two seemed to instantly remember one another. By the way that they were acting, it is possible that they had a thing for one another, whether this became a relationship or not is unknown. Laurel and Dominic's encounter appears to be coincidental, however, it can be assumed that possibly due to some family loyalty or something that he prevented her from shooting Charles Mahoney in the street, full of people.
  • Asher Millstone reveals to Michaela Pratt that he loves her. At first, she is taken aback and doesn't say it back. However, when she was undercover at the bar and flirting with Charles Mahoney, she slowly realized that she had liked Asher more than she realized. When she was faced with possible danger as Laurel was prepared to shoot Charles as she thinks that he killed Wes, Michaela admitted to Asher that she loved him too.
  • After feeling what he had lost Connor forever, Oliver Hampton proposed to Connor not long after the realization that he is, in fact, fine. While they were talking about moving away and having "a million babies," Oliver popped the big question. However, Connor just lied there in awe, unsure what to say or how to react.
  • During a meeting with Sylvia Mahoney, Annalise finds out who is Wes' father, Charles Mahoney. Annalise accuses Sylvia of plotting to kill her grandson, Wes Gibbins. Sylvia insists that Annalise has it all wrong.
  • As a way to get the charges dropped against her, Annalise speaks to District Attorney Denver about Wes' voicemail. Annalise pins the murders of Rebecca Sutter and Sam Keating on Wes. She tells him that Wes committed suicide because he knew that he'd be going to jail for the murders. Denver then goes to the Judge on the case and informs her of the new information that they have uncovered and that they are no longer wanting to see Annalise behind bars for the crime.


International TitlesEdit

  • French: "In Memoriam" (In Memoriam)
  • Spanish: "Wes" (Wes)


Song Artist Scene
"Look Outside" IAMX Annalise goes to her old home; Laurel has morning sickness; Oliver calls the police station again; Connor continues to wait in holding; Asher tells Michaela he loves her; Laurel advises Michaela.
"The Host of Seraphim" Dead Can Dance Annalise tells Denver what he'll find on her phone; (flashback) Wes is attacked by Dominick; Annalise brings Connor home; Michaela inacts Laurel's plan to seduce Charles Mahoney.
"The Other Side" Woodkid Denver brings the voicemail to the judge; Annalise shares at AA; Oliver asks Connor to marry him; Michaela tells Asher she loves him; Laurel goes afer Charles; (flashback) Jorge sets up Wes murder.



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