"We Know Everything" is the 72nd episode of How to Get Away with Murder.


Nate and Annalise both need to keep Gabriel close to ensure their secrets stay hidden.[2]


Notes and TriviaEdit


  • A.U.S.A. Bordal's first name is revealed to be Michael on the article mentioning Gabriel be released after being framed by the FBI.
  • Some of the pictures used on the board for Operation Bonfire are episode stills from specific episodes in the show. Some of the images look very similar if not are the same as the images created for the wiki.[3]

Important EventsEdit

  • Gabriel Maddox is charged with terrorism for his actions during a protest in 2014.
    • Annalise reveals to Gabriel that they had a camera in his apartment. They told him because the footage showed a cop planting evidence in his apartment when he was arrested in "Be the Martyr" which they used in court to get his charges dropped.
    • Annalise then used Gabriel's situation to help solidify Governor Lynne Birkhead as a suspect in Ronald Miller's disappearance.
  • Bonnie Winterbottom visits Ronald Miller's mother, Sheila Miller in order to ask her whether Ronald had mentioned the Governor in anyway, shape or form so that they could use it to plant her as the murderer of Ronald.
    • Seeing how much Ronald's disappearance had effected Sheila, Bonnie, Frank Delfino and Nate Lahey decided to give an anonymous tip to the FBI. This tip contained the location of Ronald's body.
  • The FBI (Agent Claire Telesco) continues her pursuit of Tegan Price to get her to give up information about Annalise etc. The Keating 4 and Oliver Hampton decided to scare her into not talking to the FBI by sending an anonymous email to her calling her "Jane Doe", the alias which she was under in the paperwork for Jorge Castillo's arrest.


  • While Agent Claire Telesco is questioning Gabriel Maddox, she informs him that she (the FBI) knows everything regarding his doings and the things going on with Annalise. "We know everything, Gabriel. Cooperate or end up in jail."




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