"We're Bad People" is the 40th episode of How to Get Away with Murder.


With Annalise in jail facing arson and first-degree murder charges, the D.A.’s office continues to build their case against her, and the police investigate what happened to Wes on the night of the house fire. Meanwhile, the Keating 4 try to cope with the devastating realization that one of their own is dead.[2]


Flashback: The Keating Five are shown indicating the varying levels of intimacy of Wes with all characters.

Flashback: After sneaking out of the police station, Wes meets Frank and goes somewhere with him in a car.

Notes and TriviaEdit


  • This episode scored 5.41 million viewers.
  • The episode would be originally broadcast on January 19, 2017, however, because of an ABC News pre-inauguration special following Donald Trump's election that would air in one of the TGIT slots, ABC decided to push TGIT a week so that all TGIT shows could premiere on the same night.[3]
  • It is mentioned that Hannah Keating lives in Brookline, Mass.
  • Alfred Enoch (Wes Gibbins) does not appear in the present day events. This is because of his death in "Who's Dead?". He does, however, appear in flashbacks.

Important EventsEdit


  • Connor and Oliver are at Michaela’s apartment, talking about what exactly Connor got up to when Wes died. Connor admitted that he slept with Thomas, which shocked Oliver, then he mentions that all of the 'Keating 5' are now bad people, given all that has happened, which Oliver recently learned of. “It’s who I am. It’s who we all are. We’re bad people.

International TitlesEdit

  • French: "Derrière les barreaux" (Behind Bars)
  • Spanish: "Somos Malas Personas" (We are Bad People)


Song Artist Scene
"Alternate World" Son Lux (Flashback) Wes tells Annalise about his job to work with immigrants and meets Meggy for the first time; Annalise is transferred to county where she booked in; Wes' body is autopsied.
"Easier" Mansionair Nate meets with Bonnie; Michaela, Connor & Asher visit Laurel; Annalise uses the bathroom; Bonnie assures Annalise that she's going to get out; Frank pays off a cop; Frank gives Bonnie a pep talk.
"Black Swan" Sailor & I End montage which is played throught the last five minutes.



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