"We're All Gonna Die" is the 80th episode of How to Get Away with Murder.


During therapy, a young Annalise is forced to acknowledge a very emotional and pivotal reality that makes her admit a hard truth. Meanwhile, a brutally beaten Frank returns home with a secret to share about Laurel’s disappearance. Elsewhere in an attempt to get to know her father, Michaela accepts an offer to work alongside him but quickly learns that it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be.[2]


Notes and TriviaEdit


  • William R. Moses (Agent Lanford) was credited to appear in the episode in the press release but didn't actually appear, nor was he officially credited.[2]

Important EventsEdit

  • Frank's injuries were sustained by hours of torture from the hands of Xavier Castillo. He made him believe that Annalise helped Laurel getaway.
    • Xavier tells Frank that he was the one who accessed the safe deposit box which contained Wes' confession and that Annalise helped cover-up that he killed Sam and that Frank shot his grandfather Wallace Mahoney.
  • Chloe reveals to Asher that it was their mother, Lydia Millstone that helped him out with his Tiffany situation, not their father which he had always believed ever since it was all handled years ago.
    • Lydia is also in a bad way.
  • Oliver informs the others of what been going on with Frank and his investigation into Laurel.
  • Tegan faces her wife, Cora Duncan and signs the divorce papers, despite Tegan still having feelings for her (which isn't reciprocated).
  • Michaela gets closer with her biological father, Solomon Vick.
    • Annalise is still in contact with Solomon proving that she lied to Michaela in "Vivian's Here" when Michaela confronted her about him.
  • The flashforwards reveal that Tegan is representing a suspect in the murder that took place at the apartment building where Gabriel and Asher live.





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