"You lost that chance when you left your wife."
Gwen to Sam Keating[src]

Vivian Maddox is a supporting character on How to Get Away with Murder. She is the mentally ill mother of Gabriel Maddox and the ex-wife of Sam Keating.


Early LifeEdit

Season 5Edit

Vivian was initially married to Sam Keating and the two had a son, Gabriel Maddox who was born after the two separated. Vivian developed mental issues due to drug problems. As a result, Vivian was put on various pills which were prescribed by her doctor. He was, however, prescribing her too much. Gabriel took actions into his own hands and beat up the doctor and was arrested subsequently for assault. Years later, Sam was murdered and Vivian's mother, Gwen passed away and while Gabriel was cleaning her apartment, he found his birth certificate and moved to Middleton University in Philadelphia in between his first and second years at law school from the University of Virginia in order to get answers for his father's death. To Vivian's knowledge, he still attends UVA. She works part-time at a rehab center. ("It's Her Kid", "He Betrayed Us Both", "Be the Martyr", "Make Me the Enemy")

Season 6Edit

After arriving into Philadelphia, Vivian calls her son, Gabriel Maddox while outside his apartment. He answered and carried on the facade that he was still at the University of Virginia. After, she goes back to her hotel room were she begins to unpack her suitcase. She removes a box titled "Dr Sam Keating" and places it on the shelf in the closet. She the receives a text from a withheld number informing her that Annalise Keating was back in town. ("Say Goodbye")



Season 6
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