Virginia Cross is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. She was the Chief Public Defender of Philadelphia.


Season 4Edit

Virginia being called to the stand. ("It's for the Greater Good")

While in her office, she is visited by Annalise Keating asking if she could spare any cases for her. Annalise had promised she had her drinking “under control” when questioned by it by Virginia. Her assigned case was Ben Carter, convicted of killing his fiancée. After writing his own appeal, he was getting a retrial due to jury bias. During the trial, Annalise was personally targeted which set her back with Ben's case. Virginia Cross threatened to take her off the case if she didn't sort herself out. To help her with the case, Virginia got her boyfriend to drop off some evidence that proved that Ben was innocent outside of Annalise's apartment. After Annalise found out who really sent the package, Annalise called Virginia to the stand at Ben's trial who Annalise called in court as a “hostile witness.” She questioned why this evidence was withheld during Ben’s first trial and played the footage. Virginia claimed she only learned of it during the appeal and was too overworked during the prior trial to sift through all the evidence. “I made a mistake,” she admitted. Ben, of course, was vindicated, but Virginia was furious. ("It's for the Greater Good")

After being put on the stand, Virginia lost her job as Chief Public Defender of Philadelphia, thanks to Annalise Keating. ("I Love Her")


Season 4
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