As we all know, each episode of HTGAWM focuses mainly on one of the law students and their relationships, in addition to secrets about them on the night of the murder.

The third episode was centered around Michaela and her fiancee, the fourth was centered around Connor and him cheating on Oliver and the fifth episode was centered around Laurel and her cheating (this show has a lot of affairs: Connor and that guy in episode four, Annalise and Nate, Sam and Lila, Laurel and Frank, and I'm not including Michaela's finacee's past relationship with Connor). The plot summary for the sixth episode promises that we will find out about Asher's location on the night of the murder of Sam Keating.

So since episode six will centre around Asher and because of a lot of "flirting" between him and Connor, I believe that it is possible that Asher will be a little bi-curious and hook up with Connor in this episode. Please let me know if you agree, disagree or have any other theories. I love hearing them and wish that this show had a bigger online fanbase.



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