Anyone got any thoughts, theories etc? Who do you want it to be?

For me, it seems to be Wes but as this show has lots of twists and turns, there's a little part of me that thinks it'll be someone else and that someone will be Frank. There's something about the latest episode trailer (3x08) that makes me think Laurel and Frank will end up sleeping together (whether it's through love or hate, force or not) and so THAT would be the 'twist' of this particular storyline.

It's a little weak in terms of possible outcome (thankfully I'm not a writer for this show!), it's just me putting my thoughts out there. Also, though I actually have been a big 'Flaurel' fan, I hope Wes is the daddy.

Maybe, if the writers want to have a 'shocking' outcome here, they should write something straightforward with little to no twists and turns...but then, a lot of us viewers (this viewer certainly) are drawn to the show because of all the intrigue and shock!

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