• AlexoPanda

    Hi everybody, I was thinking something.

    Can we add a list of the crimes commited for every character? That way we can remeber what bad thing do everyone?

    We can add (if you wanna) this in the character infobox or maybe in the character page... so let me now what do you think! :)

    PD: Sorry but I'm from Chile, and I don't have a good english! Bye!

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  • AlexoPanda

    Can we update the pages?

    September 26, 2015 by AlexoPanda

    Come on guys, some much people see this show and this wiki is so empty of the things that happen in the show. I'm from Chile I don't have a very good English, if I have it I'll update all the pages but is difficult to me.

    Also... Can we change the colors of the wikia to something more HTGAWM-like... I mean, somenthing like blanck and red, or somthing with red?

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