Princess Diva

aka Love Quinn

  • I live in Los Angeles

I'm Audrey! <3 I love HTGAWM and think it's an extraordinary show that really shows me a lot about how law actually works... Definitely in my top 5 favorite shows!

Favorite Characters Edit

  • Laurel Castillo - this girl is just GOALS in so many ways, she's always on fire and she totally has the work ethic and smarts to become the next Annalise.
  • Bonnie Winterbottom - I'm going to be honest, in Season 1, I profoundly disliked her. Like, profoundly. I thought she was mousy and annoying, but in Season 2, as I got to know her and her story better - including what kind of person she is, she developed in to one of my favorite characters.
  • Michaela Pratt - the scenes were Annalise caught her in something sex-related were hilarious, plus she can be really dramatic and I love that about her.
  • Asher Millstone - he's so funny and I love how much he cares about Michaela and how protective he is <3
  • Annalise Keating - okay, all of you can say she's a terrible person but I sympathize with her more than anything. I understand and feel like I'm with her with everything that she's going through and she deserves a hell of a lot better than she got. the moment she lost the baby broke her heart, Sam's heart, and started the downward spiral of her whole life, and I wish it didn't happen but it did. she's so strong and deserves better.

My Favorite Shows Edit

Some of my favorite shows in the world include Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars, Stitchers, How To Get Away With Murder, Gossip Girl, Riverdale, Scream Queens, Famous In Love, and The Bold Type. I also love iZombie, Shadowhunters, The OA, The 100, and Quantico!

About Me Edit

I live in California. I've lived here for about a year now. I was born in NYC <3 My nickname around this wiki is Auds or Audj, so call me either one if you want. I love to dance and I hope to become a dancer in the future. My birthday is in March (Pisces is my Zodiac sign! :P).

I love to spend my time either in front of my TV (haha) or reading a book, or exploring the world when I can. I love to travel, and I've been to at least 20 countries in my lifetime. My favorite place that I've been to is Paris, France, it's so beautiful and I want to live there some day. <3

I love to read any kind of books, and I could spend days doing so. Bookstores are my go-to place sometimes. I am in love with coffee (a little too much, lmao :P) but I'm proud of it. I spent a lot of my life's best moments alongside an extra-foam nonfat cappuccino <3 <3 If you asked me what I'm craving right now, I'd most likely say chocolate strawberries. I live off chocolate strawberries...

I watch a lot of old episodes of Gossip Girl sometimes, I wish it hadn't ended! Or at least gone out with a blast, like a movie finale or something! <3 I miss seeing Blair Waldorf on TV!

I'm a total daydreamer, but I'm also super determined. If I want something, I will jump across bridges that are set on fire to get it. I've had to do that far too much in my lifetime. :P

I spend soo much time watching TV shows, or re-watching ones that already ended. Some of my favorites right now are Pretty Little Liars (obviously), iZombie, Orphan Black, and The 100. You guys really need to watch Orphan Black! I know it's not the most popular show ever, but it should be! <3 <3

I'm really friendly (or not) so don't get on my bad side. jk jk :P. I love going out with my friends to parties late at night. Always have. I have a lot of secrets, but you'll probably find them out if you're my friend. I'm in a loving relationship and very happy. <3 My hair color is golden blonde and my eyes are blue. Okay, I'm probably boring you, so that's it for now! Buh-bye!

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