Tyrone Gelvin is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. He is the son of Claudia Gelvin.


Season 3Edit

Tyrone is the son of Claudia Gelvin. After his mother went to prison for distributing drugs out of their own home, Tyrone takes care of her younger brother and goes to live with his grandmother. Years later, Tyrone and his family visit his mother in prison. ("Go Cry Somewhere Else", "Stay Strong, Mama")

Season 4Edit

Tyrone telling the world about the DA seizing his home. ("Stay Strong, Mama")

Months later, Annalise Keating offers his mother the chance to be a part of a life-changing class action lawsuit which could go towards getting her case retried. After initially agreeing to be a part of it, and even getting 15 other inmates to do the same, Claudia gets handed a notice from the District Attorney's Office stating that her house would be seized unless she dropped out of the class action. Initially, after talking with her family, Claudia tells Annalise with her son that she wants to drop out of the suit in order to save her family. Annalise promises to fix the problem and later takes Tyrone to make a statement in front of the news about his situation, something that helps the case and gets the prosecutor's office to let Claudia participate in the class action without losing the house. ("Stay Strong, Mama")


Season 3
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