"Someday, you're going to understand You don't understand! This isn't about her! It's about the baby! She's gonna have it in jail, and then what? Who's gonna take care of it? No one. It's gonna grow up just like me with no family. You're both horrible people."
—Tristan Fullerton to Bonnie Winterbottom and Asher Millstone[src]

Tristan Fullerton is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. Tristan was in a secret relationship with his teacher.


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At court, Tristan is being charged with credit card theft. His attorney, Asher Millstone profusely sweats as this is his first case in court. Asher gives his opening statement but the speech leaves a little to be desired. The ADA on the case informs the Judge that the attorney watching Asher, Annalise Keating, has had her license revoked. In another room, Bonnie reassures Tristan that she will take over as lead attorney in Annalise's stead. Asher and Bonnie try and get Tristan to open up about where he spent the money he stole but he refuses to answer. Later, Asher has Oliver dig into Tristan's past movements where they find him frequently visiting a storage facility. The three go there and discover a storage unit filled with baby things. Tristan admits that they are for someone and hints that it is his teacher. Back in court the next day, Bonnie calls Susan Boatman to the stand where Bonnie forces her to open up about Tristan. Bonnie then asks her whether she is pregnant and again whether the baby is Tristan's. Due to the severity of her response, the judge advises her of her fifth amendment rights which she utilizes. The ADA then drops all charges against Tristan seeing as the more likely situation given Tristan's age is that Susan manipulated him. In the side room, Tristan is angry with Bonnie and Asher that they would ruin the mother of his child's life and leaves them after telling them that they are horrible people. ("Don't Tell Annalise")


Season 3
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