"There's an abandoned warehouse I almost bought in Manayunk. I left her in a broken freezer."
—Toby Solomon regarding Janie Sherwin body[src]

Toby Solomon is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. He was one of Annalise's clients who was accused of murder.


Season 3Edit

Toby with Virginia Michaelson. ("Always Bet Black")

Toby is a man who pays for having sex with women. On one occasion, he is with a girl named Virginia Michaelson and shortly after consuming drugs she ended up unconscious. Toby takes a picture with the girl and uploads it to the website, and seven minutes later drags her out of his apartment and calls the ambulance. When the girl dies of respiratory failure two days later due to the overdose he is charged with murder. His case looks bad when Toby loses five lawyers before hiring Annalise Keating, and in court, everyone discovers that he hasn't told Annalise everything. Shortly after, it is revealed that the previous lawyer is blackmailing him because he knows something. Annalise finds out and tells him, he reveals that he killed a girl named Janie Sherwin by bashing her over the head with a baseball bat and stuffed her body in the fridge of an abandoned warehouse he almost bought. In court, Annalise discovers a way to help him and manages to get a deal with the A.D.A. for 3 years in prison, something that Toby believes is not fair. However, Annalize reminds him with a slap that he killed two women and that that deal is the best that he can get for what he has done. Toby accepted the deal and received a three-year prison sentence. ("Always Bet Black")

Annalise is later brought before the Disciplinary Board and her license is suspended due to gross misconduct when her slap of Toby is sent to them anonymously. ("Don't Tell Annalise") 

Murders CommittedEdit

  • Janie Sherwin: Bashed her in the head with a baseball bat for severely degrading him. He then stuffed her body in the fridge of an abandoned warehouse. It took the police over 6 years before her body was discovered. ("Always Bet Black")
  • Virginia Michaelson: Though he didn't kill her directly, he did indulge her with drugs, which she overdosed on. After she fell unconscious, instead of immediately calling the ambulance, he took a picture of her with him and then dragged her out of the apartment before calling 911. Therefore, this is considered as a negligent homicide. ("Always Bet Black") 


Season 3
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