"I only sleep with guys on the first date when I don't want to see them again. So, um till date number two?"
—Thomas to Oliver Hampton[src]

Thomas is a supporting character on How to Get Away with Murder. He is an acupuncturist takes a liking to Oliver.


Season 3Edit

Thomas scored a date with a guy named Oliver Hampton. The two started talking on a gay dating site called Humpr. After their date, Thomas walks Oliver back to his apartment. Thomas gives Oliver a little massage which results in the two kissing outside his door. Things appear to get heated so Oliver pauses. He then makes an assumption that the two are about to go inside his apartment and have sex which Thomas tells him wasn't going to happen. Oliver calls himself stupid for assuming. Thomas comforts him and tells him that he doesn't sleep with guys he likes on the first date, only guys he doesn't want to see again. He tells Oliver that he'll have to wait until the second date to see him naked. ("Is Someone Really Dead?")

The two continue texting each other and go on a second date. After their third, they go back to Oliver's Apartment where they get intimate. He tries to get Oliver naked but Oliver tells him to slow down while he goes to the bathroom. Outside, Thomas is kissing him all over his body when Oliver tells him that he's positive. The two sit on the bed and Thomas tells him that he isn't mad and tells him that he was starting to like him. He isn't sure that he is quite ready to date a positive guy. Following, Thomas realizes his mistake he made and tries to make it up to him by trying to call him and sending him flowers. Oliver doesn't respond. ("Call It Mother's Intuition", "No More Blood")

Fire at the Keating HouseEdit

During the night of the fire, Connor Walsh and Thomas has just finished having sex. Thomas throws Connor a shirt to wipe his face. Thomas apologizes to him and Connor tells him that it happens. Thomas gets eager and asks whether it can happen again. ("No More Blood")


Season 3
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