"Hey, I'm paging my baby sister to the dance floor right now!"
—Thelonious Harkness at the dinner[src]

Thelonious Harkness is the brother of Annalise Keating and Celestine Harkness, and son of Ophelia and Mac Harkness.


Early LifeEdit

Theo was born to Ophelia and Mac Harkness. Not long after him and his sisters were born, his father left them high and dry and Ophelia was forced to raise the children on her own. As the family grew older, Celestine had a family and became a nurse and Anna Mae moved away and got married to a man named Sam Keating and became a respectable lawyer in Philadelphia. As Ophelia got older, she needed more and more help with everyday tasks so Celestine felt responsible for making sure that she was taken care off. Theo has trouble finding a job. ("Anna Mae")

Season 2Edit

Theo and the other members of the family were invited over to the Harkness' as a surprise to Annalise as she has just returned home for the first time in a while. During dinner, Ophelia tells Nate (Annalise's boyfriend) that none of her children have given her grandchildren. Mac excuses his daughters saying that they have been busy with their careers, but Theo asks him that there is of him and his father replies to him that perhaps he has not found the suitable woman. ("Anna Mae")


Season 2
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