"Sustained. Please, Ms. Keating, move on, or I'll be inclined to report this conduct to the bar."
—Judge Talulah Kendric to Annalise Keating following a series od objections[src]

Judge Talulah Kendrick is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. She is the judge who ruled in the case with Daniela Alvodar.


Season 3Edit

In one of her next cases, the Judge is presiding over the case with army veteran, Daniela Alvodar who is being charged with aggravated assault. Annalise Keating and her legal clinic serve as the defense attorneys and Renee Atwood serves as the prosecutor. Renne starts by questioning the victim on the stand, Jace Stone. She asks him about his recollection of events on the night in question and he tells her about when she held a knife to his throat and cut him. Annalise later tries her cross-examination but her questions cause upset and Renee constantly objects, forcing Annalise to retire so to speak. The next time in court, Annalise calls Dani to the stand where she gets her to open up about her time while on tour, about the time which gave her PTSD. The situation with Jace at her favorite bar reminded her of those events which are what caused her outburst. Annalise then receives evidence and asks the Judge to talk in her chambers. Inside. Annalise explains that Dani has just lied on the stand, that she was working a desk job, not in the field as she says. Renee calls this a ploy to get a mistrial which almost succeeds. To prevent this, Renee offers Dani a reduced charge, a misdemeanor and required visitation to a rehab facility which Dani later agrees to. ("Is Someone Really Dead?")


Season 3
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