"She'd just dropped out of Amherst. I had gotten home. I thought I would cook dinner and see if Stella wanted to see a movie. [...] I thought I hid them well. But she must have known something was up with me. [...] She had taken just about every pill in that bag."
Isaac Roa to Annalise Keating about Stella's death.[src]

Stella Roa is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. She apparently killed herself for unknown reasons.


Season 4Edit

Her father finding her body. ("Ask Him About Stella")

Stella was born to Isaac and Jacqueline Roa. Around 2013, after dropping out of university, she started living with her parents again. She later found her father's stash of K-pex and used it to get high, however, she either intentionally overdosed or accidentally. Either way, she overdosed and died on her bedroom floor where her father found her later that night once he came home from work. He instantly started doing CPR to try and revive her. After a while, he realized that she wasn't coming back. Isaac thought about what this would do to his wife and flushed the drugs down the toilet and sent a suicide note to her to make it look as if the death was intentional. He then called the police around 15 minutes after he had initially found her body. Not long after, the case was ruled a suicide under mysterious circumstances. Following her death, her parents separated and later divorced. ("Ask Him About Stella")


Season 4
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  1. As mentioned in "Ask Him About Stella", its the third year anniversary of Stella's death and the episode takes place during some point in May.
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