"Something Bad Happened" is the 28th episode of How to Get Away with Murder.


Annalise moves forward with a plan to protect the team from Philip but the risk involved may prove to be too dangerous. Meanwhile, Wes continues to search for new information regarding his mother’s death. In flashback, the Mahoney case takes a drastic turn for Annalise’s client.[2]


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  • This episode scored 4.53 million viewers.


  • After we learn exactly how and why Rose killed herself, we see Christophe (young Wes) finding her dying on the apartment floor. He quickly phones 911 and declaring to the operator, “Something bad happened.”


Song Artist Scene
"Mask Maker" Liars Annalise, Bonnie, Frank and the Keating 5 do a run around on the ADA Denver and cancel out his warrant for the search/seizure before he can use to search the house for incidence.
"Battles" Emika Laurel tries to stop Wes from fixating on the case file, he blows up at her; she arrives at the sleepover; Oliver brings up Stanford; Bonnie & Frank drink at a bar; Michaela asks for Connor not to go.
"Criss Cross" Shy Child Wes continues to go over the files while the words of Melanie, Laurel and Annalise keep replying in his mind; Wes goes to the Keating House only to find it empty.
"Circles Out of Salt" Snow Ghosts Montage of scenes played through the last 5 minutes of the episode.



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