Sheila Miller is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. She is Ronald Miller's mother.


Season 5Edit

Following her son, Ronald Miller's death, Mrs Miller repeatedly calls the DA's office in order to ask whether they have any information regarding her son's disappearance. This prompts Bonnie to call her and pay her a visit in order to get to know more about Ronald's ties with the Governor. Mrs Miller mentions that Ronald had asked for her engagement ring so that he could propose to Bonnie. Later, Bonnie receives a phone call from Mrs Miller, which Frank tells her not to answer as it won't make either of them feel better. However, Bonnie answers it anyway. She asks Bonnie to help plan a vigil for Ronald, so that people don't forget he's missing. Nate tells Bonnie that the longer they wait, the harder it makes it for the FBI. Bonnie tells him that it makes it harder for her too, and they know what that feels like - so it's time for them to take action. After Nate gives an anonymous tip on the whereabouts of Ronald's body, Sheila calls Bonnie, sobbing. She asks her why someone would ever do something like that. ("We Know Everything")

Season 6Edit


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