"My son saved my life, and you all keep saying he's evil, all because he had the courage to be the man my husband was supposed to be."
—Sharon Remini to Annalise Keating at court[src]

Sharon Remini is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. She is the mother of Ryan Remini, who was charged with murdering his father in cold blood.


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Annalise: "Did you ever think about leaving him or pressing charges? [...]"
Sharon: "He said he'd kill me if I did. He said he'd get away with it 'cause he was a policeman and no one would believe it if he killed his wife. He told me no one would protect me."
Annalise Keating and Sharon Remini at trial.[src]
Sharon and Ryan thank the team. ("We're Not Friends")

After enduring years and years of abuse by the hands of her husband, Anthony Remini, her son, Ryan Remini, took matters into his own hands and shot and killed his father to prevent her from enduring any more hardship from her husband. After coming clean to the police, the District Attorney's Office charged Ryan with murder. Sharon and Ryan then go to Annalise Keating's Law Firm for her assistance. During court, the judge decided that the abuse which Sharon suffered at the hands of her husband wouldn't be taken into account, which was bad as Ryan's entire defense was based on the abuse. Annalise later comes up with a new plan to get the abuse taken into account by using one of Ryan's teachers. They testified about Ryan singing a song which happened to be on Ryan's blog which recorded stages of Sharon's abuse. This then leads the judge to allow the abuse. After Sharon took the stand and testified first hand about the abuse and that Ryan was saving her, the prosecutor made it seem like Ryan just murdered his father as Sharon wasn't in any imminent danger when Ryan killed him. Once the defense rests and the jury goes off to make the decision, Laurel uses her knowledge of the law taint the jury which Annalise later used to get a mistrial which therefore reduced his case to juvenile court. ("We're Not Friends")


Season 1
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