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*[[Emmett Crawford]] will play a major part in Annalise' "new life," following her Supreme Court victory.<ref>[ Spoilers on Good Place, Empire, 9-1-1, Lucifer, The Flash, Supernatural, NCIS, TWD and More - TVLine]</ref>
*[[Emmett Crawford]] will play a major part in Annalise' "new life," following her Supreme Court victory.<ref>[ Spoilers on Good Place, Empire, 9-1-1, Lucifer, The Flash, Supernatural, NCIS, TWD and More - TVLine]</ref>
*[[Peter Nowalk]] teased the possibility which Vivian Maddox could appear.<ref></ref>
*[[Peter Nowalk]] teased the possibility which Vivian Maddox could appear.<ref></ref>
*[[Cicely Tyson]] will reprise her role as [[Ophelia Harkness]], spending the holidays with [[Annalise]].<ref>[ Cicely Tyson Will Reprise Her 'Pivotal' Role in ''How to Get Away with Murder'']</ref>
==Season Summary==
==Season Summary==

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This page is dedicated to the fifth season of ABC's How to Get Away with Murder. The series was renewed for a fifth season on May 11, 2018, by ABC.[5]

Storyline Information

  • More flashbacks involving Sam and Annalise's marriage.[6]
  • Annalise's class action lawsuit storyline will continue. "Some" of the season will be looking at the retrying of the cases involved in her class action.[8]
  • According to an article when Amirah Vann was promoted, her character Tegan Price, will make the character's lives more complicated.[9]
  • Emmett Crawford will play a major part in Annalise' "new life," following her Supreme Court victory.[10]
  • Peter Nowalk teased the possibility which Vivian Maddox could appear.[11]

Season Summary


Season 5 picks up after Annalise’s (Viola Davis) class action victory in the Supreme Court, with Michaela (Aja Naomi King), Connor (Jack Falahee), Asher (Matt McGorry) and Laurel (Karla Souza) moving on with the next chapter of their lives. Per ABC’s logline: a new mystery involving one of their own will unfold, as relationships are fractured and new secrets are exposed.

Created and executive produced by Peter Nowalk (Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy), How to Get Away with Murder stars Viola Davis as Professor Annalise Keating, Billy Brown as Detective Nate Lahey, Jack Falahee as Connor Walsh, Aja Naomi King as Michaela Pratt, Matt McGorry as Asher Millstone, Karla Souza as Laurel Castillo, Charlie Weber as Frank Delfino, Liza Weil as Bonnie Winterbottom and Conrad Ricamora as Oliver Hampton. Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers and Stephen Cragg serve as executive producers.[12]


For a breakdown of the characters' appearances, check here.
For a list of all of the cast and crew members, check here.


Guest Starring

Note: "*" denotes character appears only as a voice in "Don't Go Dark on Me".

Episodic Cast


Main article: Season 5/Minor Characters





No. Title Directed by Written by Airdate Viewers (mill)
1 "Your Funeral" Stephen Cragg Pete Nowalk September 27, 2018 2.93[13]
Your Funeral Annalise selects students for her new legal clinic at Middleton and juggles job offers from competing firms, all while the Keating 4 attempt to move on from last semester’s turmoil. And in a startling flash-forward, a new mystery is introduced and it shakes things up for everyone.
2 "Whose Blood Is That?" Mike Smith Sarah L. Thompson October 4, 2018 3.02[14]
Whose Blood Is That Annalise preps to defend her first class action plaintiff and adjusts to the politics of the new job; Frank is suspicious of Gabriel and does some investigating of his own; Asher complicates Bonnie's new life away from Annalise.
3 "The Baby Was Never Dead" Valerie Weiss Erika Harrison October 11, 2018 3.28[15]
The Baby Was Never Dead Annalise and Emmett defend a wealthy CEO accused of killing his business partner, while the governor goes after Annalise and puts her new caseload and legal clinic in jeopardy. Bonnie struggles to accept her budding romance, and Asher tries to outmaneuver his old mentor.
4 "It's Her Kid" Cherie Nowlan Maisha Closson October 18, 2018 2.74[16]
It&#039;s Her Kid Annalise and Nate look to get Nate’s dad a psych evaluation so that they can have his murder case retried under an insanity plea. Meanwhile, Michaela works overtime to convince Tegan to give her a chance to earn her trust back, and Bonnie gets an offer she mulls over.
5 "It Was the Worst Day of My Life" Laura Innes Michael Russo October 25, 2018 2.93[17]
It Was the Worst Day of My Life After Annalise chooses Gabriel as her second chair, the unexpected duo puts all of their efforts into Nate Sr.’s murder re-trial as they try to convince a jury to grant an insanity plea. Meanwhile, Bonnie struggles to rebound after a dark part of her past resurfaces.
6 "We Can Find Him" Jonathan Brown Tess Leibowitz November 1, 2018 2.91[18]
We Can Find Him Annalise receives a call from Governor Birkhead, and she’s forced to weigh an interesting offer, while Bonnie reunites with her sister looking for answers from what happened years ago. Connor and Oliver try to keep their cool while their mothers are in town helping with wedding plans, and Tegan surprisingly enlists Laurel’s help on a big case at the firm.
7 "I Got Played" Eric Laneuville Maya Goldsmith November 8, 2018 3.02[19]
I Got Played Connor and Oliver attempt to secure a church for their wedding to appease their moms. Meanwhile, Annalise and Nate continue their quest for justice in the face of endless obstacles and grave circumstances, and Annalise begins to doubt the governor’s dedication to her cause.
8 "I Want to Love You Until the Day I Die" Stephen Cragg Joe Fazzio November 15, 2018 3.13[20]
I Want to Love You Until the Day I Die In the explosive winter finale, Connor and Oliver's big wedding day has arrived, but there's murder in the air; and the mystery of who the unlucky victim is will be revealed.
9 "He Betrayed Us Both" John Terlesky Daniel Robinson January 17, 2019 2.84[21]
He Betrayed Us Both Now that Connor and Oliver have tied the knot, the crew must deal with the consequences of the wedding night’s murder; and Annalise is forced to reckon with secrets from her past.
10 "Don't Go Dark on Me" Cherie Nowlan Sara Rose Feinberg January 24, 2019 2.74[22]
Don&#039;t Go Dark on Me As the investigation into Miller’s murder intensifies, Bonnie and Nate formulate their alibis while Annalise devises a plan to ensure Gabriel never learns the truth about his father.
11 "Be the Martyr" Alrick Riley Matthew Cruz January 31, 2019 2.58[23]
Be the Martyr Nate is on a mission to prove he was right about the culprit in his father’s murder, while Bonnie begins to doubt herself; and Annalise turns the tables in the courtroom.
12 "We Know Everything" Jennifer Getzinger Michael Russo & Sarah L. Thompson Fabruary 7, 2019 2.74[24]
We Know Everything Nate and Annalise both need to keep Gabriel close to ensure their secrets stay hidden.
13 "Where Are Your Parents?" DeMane Davis Maya Goldsmith & Daniel Robinson Fabruary 14, 2019 2.57[25]
Where Are Your Parents Annalise gathers everyone together for the holidays while she wrestles over a difficult decision about her future, and the investigation into Miller’s murder starts to widen.
14 "Make Me the Enemy" Mike Smith[26] Erika Harrison & Matthew Cruz[26] Fabruary 21, 2019[3] TBD
Make Me the Enemy Annalise is determined to get to the truth about Nate Sr.’s murder and will stop at nothing until she does.
15 "Please Say No One Else Is Dead"[4] Stephen Cragg[4] Joe Fazzio[4] Fabruary 28, 2019[3] TBD
5Poster5 Annalise and her team need to get to the truth before the truth gets them.

Notes and Trivia

  • Continuing with TGIT, How to Get Away With Murder will air once again on Thursdays at 10pm.[27]
  • According to Pete Nowalk's Instagram story, production on season 5 begun around May 14, 2018.[28]
  • Filming is set to start on July 9, 2018, according to a source from Conrad Ricamora.[29] However, this was proven false when another source said that filming wouldn’t begin until July 19, 2018 and conclude on February 15, 2019.[30]
    • Filming officially concluded on February 9, 2019, according to various cast's Instagram posts.[31]
  • Rome Flynn, the actor who portrays Gabriel Maddox, was promoted to series regular this season after his initial guest appearance in the Season 4 finale, "Nobody Else Is Dying".[32]
    • He is also the first cast member to be promoted to series regular since Conrad Ricamora's (Oliver Hampton) promotion in Season 3. This gives a total number of overall main cast members over the 5 seasons of 12.
  • Amirah Vann made the second actor to be promoted to main cast following Rome Flynn's promotion for season 5. This was announced on July 18, 2018; Vann was an actress who appeared in multiple episodes in the previous season as Tegan Price.[9]
  • Dispite Shonda Rhimes not paying as much attention to the show possibly due to her move to Netflix, meaning that she hasn’t taken part in the "day-to-day operations of the show for a while," she will remain as an executive producer for it’s fifth season.[33]
  • Timothy Hutton was the third actor to made a series regular this season, first announced on July 30, 2018.[12] This brings the total amount to 14, with Hutton being the first addition to the main cast to have not previously served as a guest star.
  • Though it was teased by various BTS photos from the cast, it was confirmed via the first episode's ("Your Funeral") press release that director Stephen Cragg has been promoted to Executive Producer alongside Betsy Beers, Shonda Rhimes and Peter Nowalk.[34]





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