"She talked to me each night until I fell asleep. She made sure I ate, took my medication bathed me. That's how I know Laurel will be an excellent mother. Because she had always been one for me."
—Sandrine to Annalise about Laurel in court.[src]

Sandrine Castillo is a minor character and antagonist on How to Get Away with Murder. She is French and the mother of Laurel Castillo. Following a fight between her and her daughter, Sandrine wasn't seen again, though Laurel said that she was alive. Her apparent scalp was later delivered to Laurel's doorstep, suggesting that something might have happened to her afterall.


Early LifeEdit

While married to Jorge Castillo, she had a daughter, Laurel Castillo and a son Xavier Castillo. Her mental health though deteriorated and she was diagnosed with Bipolar I disorder. She was later divorced and institutionalized in a mental health facility. ("He's a Bad Father")

Season 4Edit

the question we are all here on this page is "did Laurel Castillo kill her mommy?" The answer is no .Though i havent watched it yet, that would be to easy. We all know how to get away with murder alawys has an Irony. We though Nate died instead of Wes etc.. so my beliving is Luarel didnt kill Mommy. I will update this page when I know for sure.

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Season 5Edit

"Are you asking me if I'm happy she's alive? I don't really care, as long as she stays away."
"Moms don't typically like to do that."
"Good moms. That's not her. She just wants to look like one. That's why she sent me that stupid gown not because she is actually religious, but because she's afraid of looking like a bad Catholic.
Laurel Castillo to Frank Delfino[src]

A few months later, despite their fight, Sandrine sends Laurel Castillo her baptism dress which she wore during her christening when she was a baby. Sandrine sends this because She found out that Christopher Castillo was being baptized. ("Your Funeral")

A couple of months later, Laurel is sent a box similar in size to the one Sandrine sent with the baptism gown in it. Inside Laurel finds a gift bag containing her mother's scalp. It is implied Xavier Castillo, Laurel's other brother is responsible for Sandrine's death.("Make Me the Enemy")

Murders CommittedEdit

  • Wes Gibbins: Though she didn't kill Wes directly, she was responsible for informing Jorge that Wes was about to turn himself in while implicating Laurel. Sandrine was complicit in Wes' murder.


  • In January 2018, it was announced that Lolita Davidovich had been cast and would be playing Laurel Castillo's French mother. This was announced just days before her debut episode would air.[2]
  • As stated in "I'm Going Away", Sandrine is Catholic according to Laurel.
  • Creator Peter Nowalk acknowledges Sandrine's storyline went somewhat unresolved. He says of where the show left off, "What actually happened to Laurel's mom? I feel like we kind of have said it, but we haven't shown it. There were a bunch of things like that, that I would have loved to explain but I also feel like it's not that entertaining just to have things explained for you."[3]


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