"Annalise, I love you and I see you."
—Sally to Annalise[src]

Sally is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. She is the CEO of a Fortune 500 company who attended the same rehab facility as Annalise Keating.


Early LifeEdit

Sally is the CEO of a Fortune 500 company and is married and has a couple of kids. She resorts to either drugs or alcohol as she finds that she hates herself for hating her kids. She has gone to rehab various times. ("Say Goodbye")

Season 6Edit

During her recent attendance at the Vista View, she and the other members are asked to visualize their funeral. Sally didn't think much of hers but her roommate, Karen's sounded much more interesting according to her. At dinner, Sally comes over and sits with Annalise to tell her that she and the other members have trying to guess what profession she is un before questioning her on her funeral dream again and why she thinks everyone would want to see her dead. During their next exercise, the counciler has the members write down the things that they hate about themselves and what they think others hate about them. She then has then repeatedly taken their anger out on them by hitting a cushion to try and get over their insecurities. That night, Sally is meditating on her bed when Annalise walks back from the bathroom and disrupts her concentration. Karen's phone rings. Annalise leaves to take it. Later, after failing to get to sleep, Sally questions Karen about a few things. Karen goes off on one verbally against Sally, telling her that the only thing in her life are her kids but Sally says otherwise, she hates her kids and hates herself for hating them. Karen then comes clean and tells her that her real name is Annalise and that she helped cover up her husband's murder. The following morning, Annalise approaches her at breakfast and tries to take back what she had said to her the previous night. Sally knows that she was telling the truth so she looks at her and tells her that she accepts her for who she is. ("Say Goodbye")


Season 6
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