"Please! Mommy, please! Don't let them kill me, please! I don't want to try it, mommy! Please! Why are you letting me die?! Aah! Aah! Aaaah!"
—Rudy Walters after an overdose[src]

Rudy Walters is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. He is the student who lived in Wes' Apartment before he had a mental breakdown.


Season 1Edit

Rudy is a Law Student who is the neighbor of Rebecca Sutter. On August 29, 2014, Rudy heard some noises coming out from the hall of his apartment and found Rebecca arriving home, wet. As Rebecca was up to no good and didn't want him to tell anyone that he saw her, she invited him over to her apartment where she offered him a cocktail of mixed drugs, specifically "Purple X" and sent him back to his apartment. The mixed drugs sent Rudy out of his mind and he scratched the walls of his apartment while he called for his mother. After this, he was institutionalized in Enfield Behavioral Hospital. ("The Night Lila Died", "It's All My Fault")

A couple of months later, he was visited by Wes Gibbins and Laurel Castillo. They got in by showing the orderly a fake ID and pretending that they she is a relative of Rudy's. They get led to Rudy's room where Wes gets out his phone and shows him a picture of Rebecca, Rudy utters the word "wet." Wes connects this to the fact that Lila was found in a water tank and is more suspicious of Rebecca. While they are talking, Wes gets a phone call from Rebecca. ("Mama's Here Now")


Season 1
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