Dr. Robin Sinnamby is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. He was the doctor who escorted Oliver to Simon's hospital room while catching him up with Simon's condition.


Season 4Edit

Dr. Sinnamby informing Oliver about Simon's condition. ("The Day Before He Died")

Simon Drake was brought into the St. Edith's Hospital with a bullet wound to the head which was allegedly self-inflicted at the Party at Caplan & Gold. During his treatment, Dr. Sinnamby told Oliver Hampton while walking to his room that Simon had regained his ability to speak. Oliver asks whether Simon remembers what happened to him when he was shot. Ad Sinnamby is unable to say anything to Oliver, he only tells him that Simon's neurological status has improved and that Simon asked to see him by name. Upon reaching Simon's hospital room, Detective Nicholls reminds Oliver that the investigation into Simon's apparent suicide attempt was still ongoing and that anything which he says to Simon which could be interpreted as leading him into his sequence of events the night he was shot then he will be arrested. ("The Day Before He Died")



Season 4
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