"If you're just joining us, my guest today is Annalise Keating, a local defense attorney who argued and won a class-action lawsuit at the United States Supreme Court. Annalise, tell us what's the one thing you'd like our listeners to take away from this case?"
—Riley to Annalise Keating during their interview[src]

Riley[1] is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. She is a radio presenter who interviewed Annalise Keating following her victory at the Supreme Court.


Season 4Edit

Riley asking Annalise questions. ("Nobody Else Is Dying")

Following her class action victory at the United States Supreme Court, Annalise appears on public radio. Annalise talks about second chances and how even the most vilified can turn their lives around which is one of the reasons why she pursued the class action. She wanted people to have the same chances which the rest of the world have, the right to a fair trial and reasonable representation. She hopes the case makes everyone work harder to see the good inside of people. And as for what’s next, the interviewer asks, she doesn’t know. ("Nobody Else Is Dying")


  • Riley was one of the characters whose name wasn't mentioned in the episode, but was recorded in the transcript for the episode, "Nobody Else Is Dying".[1]


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