"Summers & Powers is ranked the number-one firm in Pennsylvania criminal cases. Clearly, we could help repair any hits your reputation's taken."
—Richard Summers to Annalise Keating[src]

Richard Summers is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. As a partner at Summers & Powers, he was one of the firms who offered Annalise Keating a job.


Season 5Edit

At Annalise Keating's interview for partnership, Richard Summers of Summers and Powers and his partner, Clay Powers, tell Annalise that their law firm can help fix her broken reputation. Annalise takes it to heart and mentions her many achievements within her career, focusing on her Supreme Court of the United States win with her class-action lawsuit. Richard stops her and expands on his statement about her reputation and tells her it is regarding Governor Birkhead as he is trying to pull some strings, attempting to get her class-action lawsuit thrown out, despite her win. Annalise threatens to leave unless they offer her a larger salary which matches theirs. Powers speaks up and asks her whether adding a hundred to the base would make it any more appealing. Later, despite her many interviews with many law firms, Annalise goes with Caplan & Gold. ("Your Funeral")


Season 5
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