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"Statistically, if you're going to be murdered, your killer will be someone you know. An acquaintance, a friend, a family member, your lover. Why is that? Why are we more inclined to hurt the ones we love the most."
Annalise on Rebecca's death

Rebecca Sutter was one of the main characters of How to Get Away with Murder. She was the girlfriend of Wes Gibbins and one of the suspects in the murder of her best friend, Lila Stangard. Rebecca was present the night of the murder of Sam Keating. Bonnie Winterbottom killed Rebecca in order to silence her and protect Annalise. Rebecca Sutter was later one of murder charges in Annalise's indictment.


Early Life

Rebecca was a foster child and is hinted to have had an unhappy sex homosexuality minor or major childhood. She grew up with her foster brother twin male and female, Levi. During their upbringing, their foster father once forced Rebecca to lick up a carton of eggs from the Germany floor after it was accidentally spilled by her the American, after which Levi called her eggs. ("It's Called the Octopus")

Assassination of Lila Stangard

Lila and Rebecca on drugs. ("He Has a Wife")

At some point, Rebecca moved into her apartment and became friends with Middleton University junior student, Lila Stangard. One night around June 2014, Lila and Rebecca talk about her Lila's virginity and how she lost it to her friend. Rebecca asks if Griffin finally wanted to have sex with her, and she replies that he is not Griffin and that he met a new man: "Mr. Darcy." Rebecca asks her what his name is and Lila tells her that she promised not to tell anyone, but that he has a wife. Rebecca arrives on the roof of the Kappa Kappa Theta building, where she meets Lila to use drugs, and Lila tells her that she finally did it, had sex with Mr. Darcy, and tells her about her first time, but asks her not to tell anyone, Then Rebecca replies that she does not want anyone to know that they are friends. Lila receives a message, and when she checks it is a photo that Sam sent her, a photo of Sam, nude. Rebecca and Lila laugh and keep talking. Almost two months later, Rebecca arrives on the roof with Lila again, who had apparently called her and seems to be very emotional, since she is crying. Rebecca asks what happened, and Lila tells her that Mr. Darcy wants to end their relationship. Lila feels very bad and then Rebecca tries to comfort her. Lila asks Rebecca if she wants to show his wife the pictures that Sam sent to her, and she says no. In addition, Lila says that bad things happen when they have sex (indicating that she is pregnant) and says that she is going to stay with Griffin, but Rebecca tries to convince her not to. ("Let's Get to Scooping", "He Has a Wife", "Hello, Raskolnikov", "The Night Lila Died")

Rebecca smiling as Lila finds her sleeping with Griffin. ("The Night Lila Died")

On August 29, 2014, at 5:32 PM. Rebecca and Lila are in Rebecca's Apartment and Lila is telling her that she cannot keep seeing her and doing the drugs. Rebecca tells her that she's worried about her, and Lila tells her she'll go back to Griffin. Rebecca tells her that he is not good for her and Lila does not agree with her so they both get angry and Lila hurts Rebecca's feelings and she runs from her apartment; Lila leaves and Rebecca tells her not to call her again, but Lila tells her that she does not plan to do so, as we see Rudy watching them from the door of his apartment and Rebecca tells him to stop looking at them. At 11:58 PM, Griffin and Rebecca are in college and Rebecca gives Griffin drugs. Griffin tells Rebecca that he thinks Lila is a little weird, and Rebecca listens to him, but then Rebecca goes up to Griffin's dorm room and sends a message to Lila to come over. Griffin goes up to the room and Rebecca and there they start to kiss. At 12:28 AM, Griffin and Rebecca find themselves having sex in his dorm room while they hear someone opening the door. Griffin yells at her to leave, but then they realize it's Lila. Rebecca tells Lila that she did it to prove that Griffin does not deserve it, and Lila, very annoying, leaps against both of them and scratches them. Griffin separates Lila from Rebecca, and Lila is furious as she tells them that she does not want to see either of them again. Griffin turns to see Rebecca and sees her smiling while discovering that everything was a trap that Rebecca handed him. ("The Night Lila Died")

Rebecca inside of the Water Tank, finding Lila's body while hiding. ("It's All My Fault")

Following the fight, at 1:58 AM, Rebecca arrives on the roof of the Kappa Kappa Theta building, looking for Lila after getting into the fraternity by catching the door as one of the girls was leaving. After finding nothing, Rebecca decides to give up and leaves, but Lila's phone starts ringing on the floor and she approaches to take it. As her phone was on the floor supposes that Lila is in the tank. Rebecca climbs the stairs to meet Lila inside, but when she reaches the top she sees that the water tank is closed, and she also sees blond hair. When she opens the container, she finds Lila's corpse and becomes frightened as she tries to get her out of the water. That's when she hears some girls giggling in the distance and decides to hide inside of the water tank to prevent them from thinking that it was her who murdered Lila. After arriving back at her apartment, she ran into Rudy. Worried that he would talk to police that he saw her on that night, she invited him to her apartment and gave him drugs that would induce psychosis. He had a mental breakdown, and Rebecca called the police who brought Rudy to the hospital. Not long after, Wes Gibbins moved into Rudy's former apartment. ("The Night Lila Died", "It's All My Fault")

Season 1

Rebecca 101.png
Rebecca learns that her friend is dead. ("Pilot")

Wes Gibbins is studying in his room to come with a verdict on the case of Gina Sadowski, Rebecca begins playing hip-hop music next door so loudly to the point Wes is unable to focus because of it. He knocks on Rebecca's door, introduces himself, and asks her calmly to turn down her music. Rebecca refuses, replying that the person who lived in Wes' apartment prior to him was a law student who indulged in "loud rabbit sex" and had a nervous breakdown, and that loud music is something Wes can deal with. Rebecca then slams the door in Wes' face. The following evening, Rebecca is seen watching the news as it talks about her friend, the missing Lila Stangard. As Wes returns to his apartment, he finds Rebecca arguing with a man, Griffin O'Reilly. As he storms out of Rebecca's apartment, Wes notices stuff knocked on the floor and offers to help Rebecca pick things up. She refuses, once again slamming the door in his face. The following evening, Rebecca drops off a bottle of beer, stolen from the bar she works at, wanting to apologize for the way she's treated him the past two nights. A note attached to the beer reads, "Welcome to the neighborhood. -Rebecca." He asks if she'd like to have a drink with him, but she says she can't that night. She apologizes before heading back into her apartment. The next evening, a body is discovered in the water tank of a sorority house. Griffin hurries over to Rebecca's apartment, pointing it out on the news; they both realize it to be Lila. ("Pilot")

Kidnapping of Rebecca Sutter

The Keating 5 bound and gag Rebecca in the bathroom, because they believe she killed Lila. ("The Night Lila Died")

Rebecca is put through a show trial to determine if she is responsible for Lila's death. She convinces Wes that she didn't do it, and Annalise does not believe they have sufficient evidence against her. Annalise intends to free Rebecca, but finds her missing from the basement. Soon after, she finds Rebecca murdered in the Keating house basement. Annalise asks Frank if he killed her, but he says no. ("It's All My Fault")

Season 2

It's revealed that Bonnie suffocated Rebecca with a plastic bag, because Bonnie believed that she killed Lila and wanted to protect Annalise. Frank later disposes Rebecca's body in the woods.

At this point, only Annalise, Frank, and Bonnie definitively know that Rebecca was murdered.

Season 3

The police discover Rebecca's remains in the woods and present this to Wes in order to persuade him to make a statement convicting Annalise.

Season 6

At Annalise Keating's trial, Rebecca is one of the people she is accused of murdering or being responsible for the murder of. ("Annalise Keating Is Dead")


  • Most of Rebecca Sutter's piercings are fake.[2]
    • (Continuity Error) during the pilot episode her nose piercing changed from her left nostril to her right.
  • Rebecca is one of only two main characters in the show's run who was never tied to a murder (the other being Emmett Crawford).
  • Though Rebecca never actually committed a murder specifically, she found Lila Stangard body moments after she was killed and kept quiet about it. Rebecca also gave Rudy Walters drugs the night that Lila died  with the intention of causing Rudy to have a psychotic break in order to keep him quiet about seeing Lila.


Season 1
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"We're Not Friends" "Freakin' Whack-a-Mole" "He Deserved to Die" "He Has a Wife"
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Note: "*" denotes archive footage.


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