Racheal Seymour is a minor actress on How to Get Away with Murder, who portrays the role of Officer Henderson.


Life and CareerEdit

Born in a stilt house overhanging the ocean in Pacifica, California, but raised in a "dry cabin" built on an unincorporated patch of tundra in Alaska's interior, Racheal's upbringing, tastes, and spirit could hardly be called normal. When she first had an opportunity to pick a sport in high school, she lettered on the boy's football team. Rather than learn a language in the classroom, the tri-racial African American/Native American/Caucasian ethnic writer threw herself into total immersion situations in Japan and Russia for two years. College curiosity about US foreign policy led to an analyst position at the CIA. A Harvard Master in Public Policy wasn't enough to stop Racheal from pursuing acting, writing, and producing. And her current tastes in recreation include playing hockey goalie on the men's beer league and practicing Hojutsu, a martial art that combines gunmanship with karate. Speaking of karate, Racheal has a fourth-degree black belt in Shudokan karate, a black belt in kendo, and also studies the Israeli martial art called "krav maga" in Los Angeles. When she's not acting in television (usually as law enforcement) on shows such as Scandal, Veep, or Criminal Minds, Racheal spends her free time writing drama pilots and developing Alaska-based docu-reality series.[1]


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