"It's not your offer I'm concerned about. It's your resources. The only way I can continue the good work of my class action - is with means."
"We have money."
"Can you set aside the seven figures I'll need to retry my class action cases?
Annalise Keating and Quentin[src]

Quentin is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. He is an attorney at a smaller law firm, possible clinic, who originally offered Annalise Keating a job for her to retry all of her plaintiff's cases.


Season 5Edit

During Annalise Keating interview for the law firm, Annalise questions the firms resources due to the smaller size of the firm and because of the smaller size, Annalise is unsure whether the firm will be able to fund her plaintiffs retrials from her class-action. Quentin ensures her that they have the money, however, Annalise gives them a kind of figure which they may be looking at for the retrials and Quentin looks at his partner. Days later, Quentin called Annalise with bad news. His firm couldn't guarantee Annalise a job because of this excuse or another when he really couldn't offer her a job because the Governor was putting pressure on them to drop her. After, it is revealed that Annalise took a partner position at Caplan & Gold. ("Your Funeral")


Season 5
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