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"Pilot" is the first episode of the first season of How to Get Away with Murder and the first episode overall.


Annalise Keating is a tough as nails Criminal Law Professor and when Wes Gibbins starts his first day at Middleton University, he has no clue what he's walking into. In her class, Annalise challenges her students to solve some of the most difficult criminal cases that her law firm takes on, and in the end, she selects a group of the smartest, most promising students to come work for her. The competition is on and the students will stop at nothing to make sure they get to the head of her class. While Annalise seems to have it all together, we soon learn that her clients' secrets aren't the only ones she's keeping. Meanwhile, in flash-forwards, we learn that the price of impressing Annalise might just be too much for some, when a group of four students, Wes, Connor Walsh, Michaela Pratt and Laurel Castillo get involved in their own murder mystery cover up.



A celebration is held on campus for Middleton University.

It's a Bonfire Celebration night for the football team at Middleton University. We see a large group of students gathered around a large pile of woods, celebrating wild and drunk. As the students dance and drink, the football coach wells encouraging words at them. Soon enough two of the football players light the bonfire, sending the drunken students wild. Meanwhile, deep in the nearby woods, a boy, Wes Gibbins is seen running under a bridge towards three other young adults, who are clearly panicked and scared as they argue over a murder they have just committed. Wes reaches the group and apologises for taking so long, explaining that he went back for something. He pulls out a blood covered golden statue, startling one of the girls, Michaela Pratt, who demands he take it back immediately. Another girl, Laurel Castillo, disagrees with taking it back, stating the murder weapon shouldn't be found. Connor Walsh, the final student, asks what she means, so she tells him they should clean it and take it back, hiding it in plain sight...but after they bury the body. Michaela immediately disagrees with this and so does Connor, who insists the body stay where it is.

Murderers in the woods.

Laurel explains that the body is what will get them caught, causing Michaela to tell her she's not thinking straight. Laurel asks what they should do instead, but Michaela tells her something that won't involve them carrying a body across campus on the busiest night of the year. Connor goes on to explain that even if they get the body into the woods, the ground is frozen, however Laurel simply tells him they have all night to dig. A distressed Connor yells that she doesn't know what she's talking about, leading her to yell that it's murder and none of them have any idea what they're talking about. Michaela sarcastically comments for her to yell that louder, causing an argument among the three. Wes finally interrupts them, demanding they all shut up. He explains that it's two against two so the only way they can decide is to flip a coin. Connor angrily states that he won't let a coin decide whether or not he goes to jail, but Wes explains that they don't have time to fight and they need to make a decision and commit to it. He asks if anyone has a better idea, but nobody responds. He then takes out a coin and explains that if it lands on heads they get the body and if its tails they leave it. He checks with the group one more time, their silence is a yes to him, so he goes ahead and flips the coin into the air.

3 Months Earlier

Annalise Keating welcomes her students to her class.

We see Wes Gibbins, the same guy from the woods, causally riding his bike through the grounds of Middleton University, ready for his first day of law school. When he arrives at his destination, he locks his bike up and heads inside, walking past numerous missing posters for a student named Lila Stangard. He eventually enters his lecture hall and makes his way down the stairs to the front of the class, heading past numerous students, inculding a boy named Asher Millstone. He sits himself at the front of the class next to a girl, Michaela Pratt who is focused reading a book, and he excitedly tells her "here we go". He explains to the girl that he promised himself not to hide at the back of the class so he's sitting at the front, but without looking at him, she raises her finger showing a ring, telling him she's engaged. He awkwardly tries to explain that he wasn't hitting on her, but she simply tells him that seats are assigned and points him towards the chart. As he goes to check his seat, Connor Walsh tells him "nice try player", assuming he was hitting on Michaela too, but Wes once again defends himself. Connor then warns Wes to find his seat quickly as he doesn't want to be a sitting duck when the "shooter" arrives, referring to the lecturer. A confused Wes makes his way to his seat, leading Connor to tell him he has no idea what he's got himself into. With that, the lecturer enters the room, greeting all of her new students a good morning. As she heads to her desk, she tells the students that she's not sure what bad things they've done in their lives...but their karma must be out of balance for them to be assigned to her class. She introduces herself as Professor Annalise Keating and welcomes them to Criminal Law 101. "Or as I prefer to call it" she says as she begins to write something on a chalkboard, "How to get away with murder" she finishes, turning and revealing she wrote just that on the board.


Act I

101 04
Annalise gets her class to tell her about a case.

Professor Annalise Keating stands before her students, shortly after her introduction, as she explains that unlike her colleagues she'll be teaching the students how to practice the law in a court room. She goes straight onto their first case study, "The Aspirin Assassin", and asks Connor Walsh for the facts. Connor confidently stands up and explains that Gina Sadowski was charged with attempted murder, explaining that she worked as the assistant to Arthur Kaufman. He then adds that Gina was also Athur's mistress. Annalise moves on from Connor and asks Asher Millstone what happened when Agnes Kaufman, Arthur's wife, found out about the affair. Asher explains that Arthur ended his affair with Gina and demoted her, which is supposedly when she switched his blood pressure pills with aspirin, which he's allergic to. Annalise then asks the class what happened when Arthur ingested the aspirin. Numerous students raise their hands, but Michaela Pratt stands up without prompt and explains that Arthur went into anaphylactic shock which caused his throat to swell, depriving his brain of oxygen for seven minutes before his first assistant was able to resuscitate him. She states her name before sitting down, attracting a challenging look from Connor. Annalise explains that they've established the Actus Reus before asking Wes Gibbins what the Mens Rea was. Wes nervously stands up and awkwardly begins to think what Mens Rea is.

Wes embarrasses himself in front of everyone.

He looks through his notes, leading Annalise to point out that it's day one and he's unprepared. He says he didn't know that was anything to prepare for, but Annalise tells him she sent an email on the assignment two days ago, he insists he didn't get it. A stern Annalise makes her way up the stairs towards Wes and tells him as a defence attorney she spends most of her time around professional liars so he'll have to work really hard to fool her. Wes sighs and admits that he was only accepted two days ago from the wait list. This causes the class to silently snigger. Annalise decides to help Wes out and explains what Actus Reus and Mens Rea are before asking him what Gina's Mens Rea was, stating its nothing more than common sense. Wes just stands silently, unsure how to answer, so a girl in the class answers for him, "To kill". A frustrated Annalise asks the person who just spoke to stand and repeat the answer. Laurel Castillo stands up and explains that the Mens Rea, also known as intent, was to kill Arthur. After learning Laurel's name, Annalise tells her to never take a learning opportunity from another student, no matter how smart she needs people to think she is. She makes her way to the front of the class and asks if there are any questions before they move on. Connor raises his hand and explains that the verdict wasn't stated in the email so he asks, "Did she do it?". Annalise tells him to ask her herself, confessing that she lied and the case is one she picked up last week.

Gina Sadowski tells her story.

A short while later, at Annalise's office, all of the students in her class have gathered around, waiting with their notebooks as Bonnie Winterbottom, Annalise's colleague, escorts Gina Sadowski, the woman charged with attempted murder, into the building. After sitting down on a chair, Gina begins to tell her story of what happened. She starts by explaining one day she walked into Arthur Kaufman's office and she screamed because he was standing behind the door, causing them both to laugh. She then adds that that's when he kissed her for the first time, making her "that girl". Among the group, Asher snidely comments to Laurel that he thinks she's always been that girl. Laurel shoots him down with a dirty glare, causing him to turn away uncomfortably. She goes on to explain that when she came back one day to see paramedics she was distraught. She tries her best to fight back tears as she tells the students she loved him and questions why in the hell she'd want to hurt him.

Annalise lets everyone know the prize for winning.

A while later, after Gina has left the office and Annalise is left standing in front of the class. She explains that the trial is in two days so tomorrow each of them have one minute to present the best defence for the case and see if they can beat her own current plan. She walks up to Wes and tells him that he'll go last, pointing out to everyone that no two students can present the same idea. She urges them to use the resources in the office, Gina's discovery file, the library of the people who know her better than herself...her associates. A man dressed in a smart suit steps out in front of the class, introducing himself as Frank. He tells the students that unlike the other teachers they've had, he does believe in stupid if they have any then they should talk to his colleague Bonnie. With that, a pretty blonde woman stands up, explaining that it'd be better if they came to them with answers because they'd like them much better that way. Annalise then adds that every year she chooses four students to come and work for her and this assignment helps her decide who it'll be. She pick up a golden statue, the same murder weapon from three months later, and explains that the top student will get it as an "immunity idol" which they can turn it at any point to get out of an exam. She then tells the students to go and find the defence that will free their client. With that, the students all hurry out.

Wes has a rude neighbour.

Later that night, across town in a cheap apartment complex, Wes Gibbins sits in his room on the floor going through all of the facts of the case, trying to come up with a good defence for it. After much frustrated thinking, all Wes can think of is that Gina Sadowski is guilty. With that, loud techno music starts blasting out from the room next to him, making him grunt with stress. He goes to bang on his neighbours door and is shocked to see an pretty emo girl, Rebecca Sutter, answer the door. After a nervous stutter he introduces himself as Wes, explaining he moved in next door. She asks what he wants, so he explains that it was his first day of law school and her music is really loud. However, before he can finish she bluntly states, "no", confusing Wes. The girl explains that the person who lived in the apartment before him was a law student and she had to put up with his "crazy lab rabbit sex" and nervous breakdown, insiting Wes can deal with the music. She then slams the door in his face and the music stays the same volume. Wes makes his way back to his room and flops onto his bed, but something soon catches his eye. He examines strange markings in the wall is and confused to see weird scratch marks that look pretty violent.

The crime scene is tidied up.

Back on the night of the murder, three months later, the students are back at Annalise's office, the scene of the murder. Wes and Connor are wrapping the body up in a rug as Michaela stands facing away, arms crossed, refusing to help. Connor calls out for Michaela, but she snaps that she didn't agree to this so she doesn't want to see anything, so if she's asked to testify then she can say just that. Connor explains that he just wants her to move her feet. She does so and the boys continue wrapping the body. Laurel then enters the room, carrying a now clean murder weapon. She explains that she washed the sink down with bleach after cleaning it. Connor, Wes and Laurel tidy up the murder scene quickly, finally finishing up and placing the murder weapon back where it belongs. The three then attempt to lift up the body, but they're unable too as its too heavy. They turn their heads to Michaela, asking for help, and she reluctantly agrees. Although heavy, the four are now able to carry the body and with a bit of a struggle they make it through the office to the front door. They open the door and make their way outside with the body wrapped in a carpet. However, once they step outside, they're met by a cop who asks if a car is one of theirs. They all look at him with horror and slowly drop the body to the floor. They all make their way out of the office as the officer approaches them.

Act II

A cop almost catches the students.

As the four students stand before the campus cop, Connor finally reveals that the car is his. The cop points out that he's blocking the sidewalk, so Connor nervously states that he can move it. As he steps forward with his keys, the cop stops him to ask if they're at Annalise's office. After a moment of silence, Michaela confirms that they are, adding that they're her students. She makes up a lie that she's out of town and asked for them to take the rug to the bonfire. The cop doesn't quite believe this story so Michaela offers to call Annalise. As she pulls out her phone, Laurel nervously points out that its a little late to call her. Michaela suggest that they just get everything cleared up, but then she adds that Annalise had to go to her mother's funeral earlier today. Realising the stressful situation, the cop assures them that it's fine. He then hears the loud yells coming from drunk students passing by. As they run past, the cop tells the students to stay safe before chasing after the drunk ones. After he's gone, an angry Connor turns back to Michaela.

Michaela sets the ball rolling.

Back in the present, the students are now giving their ideas for a defence for Gina Sadowski's case. Michaela Pratt suggests that they give the jury a new suspect altogether, Agnes Kaufman, Arthur's wife. She points out that Agnes was angry about the affair and had access to his office and knew what aspirin looked like. She then adds that there's no better revenge than to kill your husband and pin it on his mistress. After her time is up, she thanks the class. Wes crosses off the idea just given from his notebook. Frank, Bonnie and Annalise, the judges for this round, discuss for a moment before the latter reveals Michaela has moved onto the next round, allowing her to keep her seat. As she sits back down, Annalise asks who's next. The entire class raise their hands.
As Asher Millstone gives his idea, he explains that it all comes down to one simple piece of evidence. He says the doctor "claims" to have run the blood tests too late to find any aspirin in the blood.
As Laurel Castillo gives her idea, she explains that a statistical breakdown of the jury pool shows that eighty percent of them come from a low socio-economic class. Wes crosses this idea off his list.
As Connor Walsh gives his idea, he explains that Gina Sadowski may have put the pill on the desk, but questions if she had the intention to kill Arthur Kaufman.
A female student with an English accent gives her idea and she explains that Gina Sadowski may have mistaken the aspirin for Athur Kaufman's blood pressure medication.
A male student with a monotone voice gives his idea, suggesting the the issues at play are complicated and in need of more extensive research. Wes crosses this idea off his list.
A nervous female student gives her idea. She begins to talk about how a lack of witness helps Gina's case, but she loses her track of thoughts halfway through and looks down at her notes.
Asher Millstone questions to the class if they can really trust this doctor assigned to the case.
Connor Walsh supposes to the class that Gina may not have had the intention to kill, but instead she just wanted to give him a "scare".
A nerdy student starts his sentence with "Ipso facto... this is a classic case of..." before the sentence being finished by the monotone guy in his explanation.
The monotone guy explains that it's a case of diminished capacity. Wes crosses this idea off of his list.
Laurel Castillo explains that its a case of class struggled.
The English girl supposes that it was an accident. Wes crosses this off his list.
The nerdy guy supposes its a case of automatism.
The nervous girl begins to get even more nervous, frantically asking where Gina was during all of this.
Laurel points out that while Arthur Kaufman represents the wealthy, Gina Sadowski represents the lower class citizens. Wes crosses another thing off of his list.
Connor Walsh points out that it's a case of attempted murder, therefore a bogus and inaccurate charge.
The nervous girl, still panicking, flips through her pages as she questions where Gina was.
"I think not!" Asher yells to the class, "I think not, indeed" he finishes. After his minute is over, a bell sounds and he sits back down in his seat, having being accepted. Connor and Laurel also take seats after being approved for the next round. At the end of everyone's ideas, Wes is left with nothing uncrossed in his notebook.

Wes tries his hardest to come up with an idea.

"Mr Gibbons" Annalise calls out to Wes, who is now the last person left to present their idea. Realising his time has come, nervously stands up without a single idea to give. After a few moments of last minute thinking, he explains that they should say it was self defence. This causes some chuckles to come from the class. He explains the way they do this is by saying Gina was suffering from Stockholm syndrome, which is quite common in assistants with demanding bosses. Several members of the class roll their eyes at this idea, but Annalise looks on curiously. Wes continues by explaining that the affair is just one example of how far Arthur's brainwashing of Gina went. He adds that Arthur made her fall in love with him, so her poisoning him was an act of self defence. This finishes his presentation, causing the quiet mutters of his fellow students. Not thinking his idea was very good, Wes proceeds to step to the side, but Annalise tells him to sit. A confused Wes sits back down, pleased. Annalise then congratulates the people who managed to keep their seats, adding that none of them managed to beat her approach. She heads over to her chalkboard to explain it. She tells them that step one is to discredit the witnesses, step two is introducing a new suspect (Arthur's jealous business partner, Lionel Bryant), and step three is burying the evidence. The tells the class that they throw so much evidence at the jury that when they walk into the deliberation room they have one overwhelming feeling...doubt. "That's how you get away with murder" she finishes, brushing her hands and signalling the end of the session. She tells her students that she'll meet them in the courthouse at nine, but Michaela approaches her, explaining that they have torts and property tomorrow. Annalise snaps at her, stating she isn't her mother. She tells Michaela to turn up or drop out of the contest. Connor over hears this and can't help but smile.

101 13
Annalise is able to discredit the witness.

The next morning, a woman named Linda Tanner has taken the stand at the courthouse for Gina Sadowski's trial. She explains that she was Arthur Kaufman's first assistant for twenty-one, so seeing him lying on the floor when she found him was horrible. She describes that he wasn't breathing and his skin kept getting more and more blue. Linda apologises to Agnes, who is sitting at the prosecution desk with her almost vegetative husband. The prosecutor, Henry Williams, assures Linda that she did everything she could before sitting down. Meanwhile, as Michaela rushes to the courthouse in a hurry, Asher turns to Connor and comments that they just got screwed...and not in a good way. As it's now her turn to speak, Annalise approaches Linda Tanner for questioning. She points out that Linda doesn't like Gina, and after getting a file from Bonnie, she begins listing off all the things she had called her. Linda tries to shrug this off as lies, but before she can finish, Michaela rushes into the courtroom, whispering something into Frank's ear. The entire room goes silent and Annailse asks the judge, Kathy Powell, for a moment. Annalise confronts Michaela and the latter whispers something into her ear too. The judge asks for Annalise to hurry it along, so Michaela goes to sit down in the audience with a grin on her face. When Connor makes a comment to her, she tells him he should pay attention as he might learn something. With fresh information, Annalise approaches Linda on the stand and asks to confirm if she saw a pill on Gina's desk the day of the accident. Linda confirms this, so Annalise asks her to confirm it was a yellow pill like the colour of Prosecutor Williams' shirt. Linda confirms that it was, shocking the room, as his shirt if blue. Annalise asks if Linda is colour blind. She bitterly confirms that she is, pleasing Michaela. Linda insists that she knows what she saw and that Gina was acting nervous, however Annalise simply asks if its possible the medication she saw on Gina's desk was her anxiety medication. "I suppose so" she says, giving in. Annalise thanks Linda for her candor before sitting back down. Gina smiles.

Michaela explains her discovery.

A short while later, after the court session is over and everyone exits, Michaela explains that she saw Linda Tanner was wearing glasses in one of her Facebook photos which got her wondering about her eyesight, so she called every optometrist covered under her insurance and she eventually found hers and eventually got a receptionist to admit that she has achromatopsia, which can cause colour blindness. She gives Annalise documents, who then passes them to Bonnie before she recites Annalise, saying that step one is discrediting the witness. The professor states that she may as well hand Michaela the trophy right now...but she won't...not until she sees how everyone else steps up their game. All the students then give competitive looks towards one another.

Rebecca listens to the news.

Later that night, a news report is shown on TV covering the disappearance of the young student Lila Stangard. The news reporter explains that Lila has not been seen since friends saw her leaving a fraternity party. Rebecca Sutter, Wes Gibbins' neighbour, is the one sat watching this report from her bed. As she listens to it, she flops onto her back and looks up at her roof with a look of distress. Meanwhile, in the room next door, Wes sits on his bed with his laptop and dozens of documents spread all over. As he looks through them, something peaks his curiosity, so he further examines one of his law books. When he finds what he's looking for, he states "Oh my, God" with happy shock. He then puts his coat on and grabs his bike, rushing out the apartment.

Annalise is caught doing something she shouldn't be doing.

A while later, across town, Wes arrives at the office of Annalise Keating in the middle of the night. He knocks on her front door, but after getting no response, he decides to head inside. He peaks his head through the door and calls out, but there's no response. Confused, he heads further inside and continues to call out for Annalise. As he walks down the hallway, he hears Annalise playfully talking from a room nearby. Thinking nothing odd of it, he walks into the room and calls out for his professor once more. However, he's met by the shocking sight of Annalise and a large, muscular man engaging in sexual activity. Wes and Annalise are shocked, but the man, Nate Lahey, angrily tells Wes to get out. Wes quickly exits the room and heads for the front door, but Annalise stops him, having chased after him. Wes apologises to his professor, explaining the door was open. A frustrated Annalise calls Frank and tells him he didn't lock up again. Once she hangs up, there's silence, so an impatient Annalise tells him to speak. Wes explains that he came across a case where they pushed for a faster verdict if the prosecutions evidence seems insufficient. Annalise explains that this is called a directed verdict and if they ask for it and get denied, then all the public will hear is that there's enough evidence to convict. Wes tries to defend his idea, but Annalise points out that it was a bad one. She then shoos him outside, wishing "Seth" a good night. He tells her his name is Wes, to which she replies by saying "right" and rolling her eyes. After closing the door, she puts her back against it and sighs with stress after what was just witnessed.


Connor goes a little bit insane.

Back on the night of the murder, Connor, Michaela, and Laurel are seated in the formers car with the body between them as they wait for Wes, who is buying the necessary supplies from a gas station. "Jingle Bells" is playing from the stereo, to which a clearly distressed and unstable Connor sings along to. As she listens to him sing, Michaela grows frustrated and begs him to stop. However, he refuses to, stating that he likes it, especially since it annoys her. He continues to sing along with the song as Wes enters the car. He passes some confectionery items to Laurel, causing her to ask what they're for. Wes explains that he thought he should buy other items if they're recorded by security cameras. Connor sarcastically points out that they can just kill the store owner if they need to before continuing to psychotically sing. Wes, Laurel, and Michaela share worried looks. Connor then turns away from the group, and his singing starts to quieten as the song ends. He ends up replacing some of the lyrics: "Oh what fun to kill someone and end up in jail".

Connor tries using his charm to get some information...

Back in the present, Connor walks through a nightclub and approaches an Asian guy, Oliver, offering him a Maker's Manhattan with two cherries. He gladly takes the drink and Connor comments that Oliver's friends seem to want a show, so he can say the word and they can start making out. Oliver awkwardly tells him to ignore them as he simply doesn't talk to guys at bars that often. Connor sneakily asks if they all work in the advertising agency upstairs, to which Oliver asks in return if it was that obvious. Oliver lies that he works for the bank across the street and the only hot guys that come to the bar are from the agency. Oliver is shocked to be called "hot" and then tries to explain that he doesn't work in the "cool" part of the company, as he's in IT. Connor comments that IT is very cool before asking if he can ask a question. Oliver allows him to, so Connor wonders if he knows about the secretary that tried to kill her boss with an aspirin. A nervous look comes across Oliver's face and he explains that the legal department warned them not to talk about it. Connor apologizes for asking and then feigns to lose interest in Oliver, checking out another guy. Scared to lose Connor, Oliver gives in and offers to tell him under the condition that nobody knows. Connor seductively bites his lower lip.

...And it works. Sexy time.

The next morning, Connor hands a piece of paper to Annalise before a court session. She examines the paperwork and curiously asks him how he got it.
Back on the night before, Oliver and Connor are back in a bedroom, kissing and taking their clothes off as they prepare for sex. Oliver points out to a shirtless Connor that he thought all he wanted from him was the emails. Connor rips Oliver's shirt off as they make out and then throws him onto the bed, lying on top of him. Connor reveals that he did want the emails, but he wants this too. He tells Oliver to turn over, which he does, and then he begins to kiss all the way down his back until he reaches his buttocks. Oliver groans with pleasure.
Back in the present, Connor explains that the way he got the emails wasn't exactly legal. Annalise gives him an impressed smile, telling him that they just need to get creative. She then heads over to Bonnie, handing her the newly obtained file. Connor smiles, pleased in himself.

Annalise is able to introduce a new suspect.

A short while later, after the court session has started, Arthur Kaufman and Agnes Kaufman sit on the prosecution desk, listening as Annalise questions Lionel Bryant, Arthur's business partner. Annalise asks him to confirm that Arthur had a meeting in the office the morning of the accident, so he confirms that it was to discuss moving Gina to accounting. Annalise asks if this was to avoid any sexual harassment lawsuit, so he confirms this too. Annalise hands Lionel an email and asks him to read it. Lionel begins to read out an email in which he asks Arthur to step down as CEO because of his inappropriate sexual relations with employees. As he reads this, prosecutor Henry Williams doesn't recognise this file, so interrupts, telling the judge that it wasn't part of the discovery file. The judge asks if this is true, but Annalise plays coy and states that she assumed it was. She then reveals her associate is more involved with the paperwork on the case, so asks Bonnie about it. Connor is impressed by Annalise's wits. Bonnie explains to the judge that she found the email among files given to them by Gina's previous attorney, so she assumed it was part of the discovery file. Henry angrily states that it wasn't so it must've been obtained illegally. The judge, having had enough, asks Lionel if he wrote the email. He confirms he did, so she decides to side with the defence. Henry tries to oppose to this, but she insists she's made her decision. Henry gives Annalise an angry glare as she continues questioning Lionel. She points out that he was angry at Arthur for having a sexual relationship with an employee and questions if he was angry enough to attempt to murder Arthur in an attempt to gain full control of the company. Henry opposes to these accusations, but Annalise withdraws saying she has no further questions. Gina looks on curiously.

Laurel makes a game changing discovery.

After the court session is over, Annalise, followed by Bonnie states that they did well today and commends Connor for his hard work the night before. She then reveals that she'll be at the dean's cocktail party tonight before departing. Michaela and Asher question how Connor got the email, but he tells them he doesn't kiss and tell. A frustrated Michaela chases after him and asks what that means. Wes simply laughs to himself. Meanwhile, Laurel, who is headed to the restroom, comes across Arthur and Agnes Kaufman. She witnesses as a partially paralysed Arthur begs his wife not to leave his side, but she assures him she's just going to the restroom. Laurel enters the restroom, and once inside she sees Gina Sadowski standing in front of one of the mirrors. She enters a cubicle, unseen, and then peeks through a gap in the door to witness how Gina and Agnes will react being together. However, what she sees is something she doesn't expect. The two women stand side by side, and without saying words, Agnes comforts Gina by placing her hand softly on her shoulder. Gina softly places her hand atop of Agnes', greatly confusing Laurel, who realises the two women are friends.

Wes tries to be a good neighbour.

A while later, Wes arrives back at his apartment complex. As he heads up the stairs, carrying his bicycle, he hears the yelling of a man and a woman having an argument. When he reaches his floor, he realises it's coming from Rebecca's apartment. He stands anxiously as the shouting gets louder and there's a smashing sound. The door then slams open and a jock-type guy, Griffin O'Reilly, bursts out of it, barging past Wes. Wes approaches Rebecca's apartment to find her sat on the floor next to some fallen items. He asks if she needs help, but she meekly tells him it's fine. He takes a few steps forward, insisting that it isn't a big deal, but this angers Rebecca. She tells him to get out of her apartment, slamming the door in his face. Wes is astonished.

Annalise finds herself in an awkward situation.

Even later that night, a now smartly dressed Wes enters a posh looking building on the University campus. He walks through the formal crowd, eventually finding Connor, Michaela and Asher talking to a man, who tells them that first year is the worst so they should just try and take it easy. Asher comments that he obviously didn't go to law school because it's a dog fight 24/7, "And only the big dog get the bone". The man reveals that he's been caught, explaining he's a psychology professor. He then jokingly asks before they lose respect for him that they should know he sometimes works for the law firm. Noticing the newcomer, the man asks who Wes is. Connor introduces Wes for him, stating he's in his wife's class too. The man introduces himself as Sam and jokingly asks if his wife has gone "full terrorist" on him yet, everyone laughs except for Wes, who asks who his wife is. Michaela reveals that it's Professor Keating's husband. With that Annalise approaches the group, bringing drinks for her and her husband. The two make casual conversation together, Sam being unaware all the while that Wes and his wife are sharing tense glares...for Wes knows Annalise's secret. Sam then makes a toast to the students for their first year. Everyone raises their glasses; Wes and Annalise's eyes remain locked.

Act IV

Back on the night of the murder, Wes, Connor, Michaela and Laurel are carrying the wrapped up body through some woods nearby the University campus. As they struggle to carry it, they hear the sounds of a drunk boy and girl nearby. They hide behind a tree, turning off their flash light, so they're not caught by them. The two drunk students then make themselves visible and it's revealed they're in the woods to avoid having their affair caught. They begin to make out, but stop when they hear a noise coming from nearby...Laurel's phone starts ringing. Everyone is silent except for the drunk girl, who asks what the noise was. Laurel pulls out her phone and its revealed that Frank is calling her (he's shirtless in his caller ID picture). Laurel hangs up on him, but not before Michaela gets a chance to see who it is. When the ringing ends, the drunk boy calls out to see who's there. Nobody responds, causing the drunk girl to nervously ask if they can go. They both decide to make a hasty exit, givig a sigh of relief to the students. Once they're gone, Michaela asks why Frank was calling Laurel. She tries to play coy at first, but Michaela points out that she saw her phone, demanding to know what's going on between them.

Back in the present, Laurel has just shared with Frank what she witnessed at the courthouse. She understands that she only saw them for a second, but points out that it makes sense for a scorned wife and mistress to team up. Frank asks Laurel if they should put her on the stand if she's right so the jury definitely has enough evidence to convict Gina. She tells him they obviously shouldn't do that, but then soon realises something...he already knew. Frank tells her that he didn't say that, but Laurel points out that that's because he'd actually be admitting to defending a guilty client. Frank asks Laurel if she's from Brown, going on to explain that they get a lot of her type around here; smart idealistic girls who come to law school to help the less fortunate...only to take a corporate job after graduation which they then quit after getting pregnant because they'd rather stay at home. He patronisingly says this is for the child of course. An offended Laurel tells Frank that he's a misogynistic ass before storming out. Once she's gone, Bonnie, who witnessed the conversation, tells Frank to "stop screwing the students".

Meanwhile, at the cocktail party, Wes enters one of the restrooms, instantly followed by Annalise. When she enters, a terrified Wes promises that he won't say anything. He continues talking, but Annalise stops him, revealing that she needs to apologise. A vulnerable looking Annalise walks up to Wes and reveals that she and her husband have been talking about having a baby for a long time and it's been putting a lot of pressure on their marriage. She begins to cry and fearfully mentions that she's only making things worse. She looks back at a nervous Wes and asks him to forgive her. She then reaches out her hands and places them on Wes' torso. She gently strokes up and down his chest and arms, thanking him for keeping the secret between them. A speechless Wes responds "Of course" before awkwardly saying he should leave. He releases himself from her grip and then heads out of the bathroom, giving a concerned look towards his professor as he leaves. Once alone, Annalise turns to a mirror in the room and wipes away her tears and tidies up her hair. She looks at her vulnerable and broken side in the mirror for a few moments, but then eventually tidies herself up and a cold and determined look returns to her.

Later that night, Frank and Bonnie are at Annalise's office working as an interview with Griffin O'Reilly plays on the television. On the TV, a distraught looking Griffin says that if Lila were here she'd thank everyone for their support. Bonnie curiously watches the TV, but is distracted when Annalise and Sam return home from the party. She excitedly says his name and welcomes him with a kiss on the cheek before asking how Yale was, pointing out that they probably offered him the whole department. Sam explains that it's just early talks and nobody is moving anywhere yet. He kisses Annalise, stating he's going to bed and asks if she's coming. Bonnie watches this silently from afar and seems jealous. Annalise tells him she'll be up soon before walking away. Bonnie then walks away too, giving a frustrated look as she passes.

Meanwhile, Wes is resting on his bed in his apartment when suddenly he notices something on the headboard. He sits up to examine it and spots strange markings on the wood, they seem to resemble bite marks. He rolls his finger over the indents before his attention is caught by the sound of footsteps and glass tapping outside his room. He opens the door to find a bottle of alcohol with a welcome note on it. Rebecca is stood near her front door, unlocking it. She left him it. They both greet each other and Rebecca seems a lot warmer than before. Wes looks curiously at the bottle so Rebecca explains that its to apologise for the previous two nights. She then adds that she stole it from the bar she works at so tells him not to think she's nice. Wes jokes that he didn't think she was nice after hearing the music she listens to. Wes looks at the note and notices Rebecca's name; he then asks if she wants to open it together as he's had a weird night and needs a drink. After a moment of silence Rebecca coldly tells him that she can't tonight. With that she enters her apartment and closes the door. Wes is left disappointed.

The next day, at the courthouse, prosecutor Henry Williams is questioning a witness, Detective Gill. He questions when the detective had found the security footage he's obtained, so Gill explains that he got it two days ago after the store owner saw Gina Sadowski's face on the news. Upon hearing this, Gina gets a nervous look on her face. Detective Gill continues to explain that the store owner then looked back at the security tapes and found the footage. Henry Williams states that he will now play said footage for everyone. With that, a TV turns on and plays security footage showing Gina in a shop. He then pauses the video and zooms in on the item she's purchasing; Soloxacore. Everyone on the defence's side gets a worried look on their face. Henry Williams points out to the court that the night before the murder attempt Gina Sadowski bought Soloxacore, which Detective Gill explains is a brand of aspirin. A furious Annalise glares at a nervous looking Gina.


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