Detective Phillipe is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder.


Season 3Edit

After Wallace Mahoney murder outside his place of business in New York, Detective Phillipe and her partner question Wes Gibbins as he was talking with Wallace when he was shot in the head. Wes claims to have been asking for directions when Wallace was shot. He claims that he didn't even know who he was. ("We're Good People Now")

After receiving an anonymous tip, the NYPD turns its head to focus its attention more on Wes Gibbins as there may be more to the story. Detective Phillipe and her partner then visit Wes' Apartment to question him but he doesn't answer. The two then notice Meggy Travers coming up the stairs and question whether she knows where he is. She tells them that he's at the library and leaves. Later, the evidence clearly suggests that Wallace Mahoney's own son, Charles Mahoney is the culprit behind his father's murder and he is later arrested. ("Is Someone Really Dead?")


Season 3
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