Paxton Curtis was Marren Trudeau's personal assistant at Trudeau Securities. He commits suicide after he's revealed to have helped ruin Marren's career.


Season 1Edit

Paxton and Connor before having sex. ("Let's Get to Scooping")

Paxton is first introduced to Connor Walsh while he was interviewing another employee. Connor later visits Paxton in the photo-copier room and the two have sex. Afterwards, Paxton asks Connor if he wants to go out, but Connor turns him down and leaves. It is then revealed that Connor hid a recorder in the room, and he catches a phone conversation proving that Paxton is involved in ruining Marren's career. Connor shows Marren and Annalise Keating the tape and they confront Paxton. Marren, betrayed and outraged, starts throwing objects and yelling at Paxton, who accuses her of taking advantage of him and never treating him fairly. Marren eventually calms down, but Paxton opens an office window and jumps out, committing suicide. Jimmy and Talia, two employees who have also been working with Paxton to ruin Marren's career, were later arrested. ("Let's Get to Scooping")


Season 1
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