"No More Blood" is the 38th episode of How to Get Away with Murder.


Annalise and Bonnie turn to an unlikely source for help, bringing the tension among the Keating 5 to a head. Meanwhile, Annalise takes on a surprising client.[2]


Flashforward: In jail, Annalise asks Bonnie if she's the “anonymous source”, which the latter answers that she's not and that she will find the source. Later, at the hospital, Asher, Michaela and Oliver confront Bonnie, with Oliver still being worried about Connor, who, unbeknown to anyone, has just finished having sex with Thomas somewhere else.

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  • While Frank is at Lisa Cameron's house on the job of killing her, he talks to Annalise on the phone (with Bonnie listening) and she tells him “No more blood.” He hangs up on them and they don’t know if he went through with it or not until he rings them again when he’s back in his car and tells them that he did not do it (though it is shown that he thought about it).

International TitlesEdit

  • French: "L'Alibi" (The Alibi)
  • Spanish: "No más sangre" (No More Blood)


Song Artist Scene
"Deeper Than the Dark" Patients Frank continues to search for Charles Mahoney alibi by following his lawyer when he catches her with the woman who paid him to plant the bug in Annalise's hotel room in 2005; Bonnie tells Annalise about the woman and that she ordered Frank to follow after her.
"Let Go" Ryan Marshall Lawhon Michaela and Asher in bed when her phone rings a call from her mom and starts a conversation between her and Asher; he asks to have his head rubbed.



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