"If it doesn't fit, you must acquit."
—Niles Harrington to the jury[src]

Niles Harrington is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. Known to the public as he Psychopath CEO, he was on trial for allegedly murdering his business partner, Andrew Rowland.


Season 5Edit

After his business partner was murdered, Niles was arrested and the District Attorney's Office decided that Niles was responsible and that they were going to prosecute him. He then went to Caplan & Gold where Annalise Keating and Emmett Crawford became his lawyer. During the trial, the prosecutor, Ronald Miller tried to implicate Niles by telling the jury that the murder weapon belonged to Niles. After a talk with his lawyers, Niles revealed that he really didn't kill his partner but his wife, Bethany Harrington did. Back at trial, Annalise managed to get the prosecutor to want to get Niles to try on the belt which, once he was unable to put it on as it wasn't long enough. Niles made a cocky remark to the jury that they should acquit him of all charges. After the jury came back with the verdict, they told the court that they had found Niles guilty of murder. He was then sentenced. ("The Baby Was Never Dead")


Season 5
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