The Night of the Bonfire, also refered to as the Middleton Bonfire 2014,[1] is an event that happened on How to Get Away with Murder. The event occured on December 12, 2014 on a Friday.[1]


Season 1Edit

The NightEdit

At the Keating House, Annalise is packing Sam's things. She tells him that he is stupid as he told Bonnie that he got Lila pregnant and Bonnie would tell Annalise everything he said. Annalise walks down the stairs with a suitcase full of Sams things and throws it out the door. Sam admits that he lies but he claims that he only lied because he thought that she would think that he killed her. Annalise won't listen to him as she doesn't know what's true or not with him anymore. Sam tells her to stop for a second but just Annalise tells him to get out of the house. Sam begins to beg for her not to give up on him. She tells him that she already has. Sam is still not moving so Annalise threatens to call 911. He walks over to her and angrily snatches the phone out of her hands and throws it at the wall while saying that he is not going to leave her until she talks to him. Sam tells Annalise that he is not a violent man but she tells him that everyone can be violent given the chance. Sam continues to deny that he is a violent man. Moving to the kitchen, the two stand on opposite sides. Sam claims to still be the man she married. Annalise thinks otherwise. She makes up assumptions of what his plans were for her in their marriage and calls him pathetic. Sam tells Annalise that she is some scared little girl who pretends to be strong but who is really just weak and selfish. She claims to have done everything that she could to protect him. Sam thinks otherwise. Annalise comes clean about screwing Nate. She taunts him by telling him everything they have done together. Sam calls her a hypocrite. As Sam walks away, she continues to tell him things that they do together and that the only reason she was able to stand Sam having sex with her was that she used to think of Nate. He grabs her by the neck and pins her to the wall and says that he used to think of Lila when they were together. Annalise asks him if he did kill her. Sam releases his grip on her neck and tells her that she is a monster. Sam asks her if she wants the truth and tells her that she's nothing but a piece of ass, that was what he saw when he first talked to her because he knew that she would go for him and that's all she's really good for. He calls her a discussing slut. Annalise tells him that they are finally speaking the truth to each other and walks out, gets into her car and drives away. Rebecca is across the street and watches as she leaves.("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me")

Connor, Laurel and Wes are driving to Annalise's place. They have to drive slow as there is a massive gang of drunk people going to the bonfire. Wes tries to call Rebecca but she's not picking up. Connor comes up with scenarios of what could have happened to her. Wes is confident that Rebecca went to the Annalise's. Wes tells Connor that Sam killed Lila so that's why Rebecca is going over there as she is trying to prove it. Connor thinks that its a joke. Wes tells him to believe him and drive faster. Laurel is confused as why would Annalise represent Rebecca if she knew Sam was involved. Wes says that he would go to the police if she did. Connor laughs and says that he blackmailed Annalise. Laurel tells Connor to shut up and asks Wes if he thinks Sam killed Lila. Wes agrees.("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me")

Sam is drinking shot after shot in the kitchen when Michaela comes in looking for Annalise. He tells her that she isn't there. Michaela asks if he has any idea when she will be back. He says no and tells her that she should go. Michaela is persistent and offers to stay until she gets back as she really needs to turn the trophy in to get out of her exam. She walks over and sits on the couch. Sam tells her to leave it on her desk but Michaela tells him that its a bit more complicated than that. Michaela sees Rebecca sneaking in the house. She stops and Sam looks at her. Sam asks then what that are doing and thinks there's a connection with them both. Michaela denies it and says that she is just there to hand in the trophy and asks if something is wrong. Rebecca tells her to call Wes and runs up the stairs. Sam chases after her. She gets to a bedroom and locks the door. Michaela calls Wes, who is still in the car with the others. She tells him that there's something going on between Rebecca and Sam. Wes asks if Annalise is there but Michaela says no. She tells Wes that Rebecca has locked herself in Annalise's bedroom. Wes tells her that Sam killed Lila and Rebecca is trying to prove it. Michaela is confused and asks him to say it again. Wes tells her that she can't leave them alone and to tell him what is happening. Michaela tells him that Sam is just screaming through the door. In Annalise's room, Rebecca has a laptop and is downloading some files. Sam breaks down the door. Michaela freaks out and tells them that they need to get there now. Rebecca retreats to the bathroom with the laptop and again locks the door.("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me")

Connor's car arrives and everyone gets out and runs to the house. Inside, Michaela is trying to calm Sam down but he is not backing down. He tells Rebecca that if she doesn't come out, he's coming in. Rebecca is still waiting for all of the files to download. Wes, Connor, and Laurel arrive in the room and tell him to stop. Sam tells them all to get out of his house. Wes tells him that once he has let Rebecca go, they will leave. Sam informs then that she took his laptop and asks them what she is trying to get. Wes tells him to calm down again and he backs away from the door. Wes walks up to it and tells Rebecca that she can come out. She tells him to give her a second. She then opens the door. Sam asks her what she did. Rebecca claims to have done nothing and that she didn't find anything. Wes tells Sam that they will leave now. Sam tells them to go as he is not going to do anything. Wes and Rebecca walk to the door when they are tackled to the floor. Sam tries to reach for the memory stick and grabs it. Wes tries to stop him but Sam hits him in the face. Wes has him pinned down and gets Laurel to get the stick off of Sam. Sam breaks free and they all run out of the bedroom door. He comes at Michaela so he pushes him over the landing. He falls onto the ground floor. Everyone stares at the body.("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me")

Annalise is sat in her car crying. She is at the police station but doesn't go in. Back in the house, Michaela tells them that they need ot call an ambulance. Connor doesn't see the point as Sam's dead. He tells Michaela that she killed him. Michaela argues her point and says that he was coming at them. Connor says that he was alive until she shoved him over the railings. Michaela says that she was protecting Laurel. Connor says that they are both responsible then. Laurel says that because they were all there, they are all at fault. Connor disagrees. Laurel tells him that Rebecca was stealing private information off of Sam's computer which is a felony and they all helped her. Connor tells her that no prosecutor would do that as they were all protecting themselves. Laurel says that they broke into his house and that Sam was defending himself. Michaela quietly says that she was only there to turn in the trophy. Michaela says that she wasn't a part of their plan. Connor corrects her as there wasn't a plan and that it was all her (Rebecca). Rebecca speaks up and says that she didn't ask for anyone's help. Connor tells her that she can thank her boyfriend for that. Michaela thinks they should be calling an ambulance. Connor corrects her again and says that they need to call the police. Wes speaks up and tells them all that no one knows that they are there. Laurel reminds them that Annalise could be back any minute. Wes tells them that that's why they should leave. Michaela asks him if he wants to run. Wes clarifies by saying that "he fell after drinking too much." Michaela still thinks that they should call the police. Wes tells her that Rebecca can' but Michaela doesn't care about Rebecca at that moment, she only cares about her future. Wes reminds her that she killed Sam, that they all killed him. Everyone stops talking as Sam is strangling Rebecca. Michaela freaks out and tells everyone to do something and to get him off of her. Wes grabs the trophy and hits Sam round the head with it. Blood splatters everywhere. Sam falls to the ground, dead. Rebecca's face is covered in blood. Everyone stares at her. Wes drops the trophy.("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me")

Asher is putting face paint on for the bonfire and dancing to a song while throwing his money around. He gets a call from a girl saying that she's not going to the bonfire as she has to study. Asher says that he doesn't as he has the trophy and turns around and points to where it should be, but it's not there. He tells her that he will call her back.("Freakin' Whack-a-Mole")

Everyone in their own way freaks out. Rebecca is leaned against a beam. Wes asks her if she is ok. She looks up at him and Wes tells her that they need to clean her up and get her out of there. Rebecca looks back at the body and agrees. Wes removes his jacket and tells everyone to get ready to leave. Wes picks up Rebecca and carries her up stairs where he washes off the blood. Back down stairs, Connor, Laurel, and Michaela are silently freaking out. Connor goes to the kitchen to throw up.("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me") In the bathroom, Rebecca removes her shirt and Wes uses a towel to clean the blood off of her. Once he has got most of it off, he says that it's enough until they get her out of there and washes the blood down the sink. Rebecca puts her shirt back on when Connor shouts for them to hurry up. Rebecca stares at Wes and says "thank-you" and Wes kisses her and tells her that everything's going to be alright.("He Deserved to Die")

Disposal of the bodyEdit

Laurel walks over to Sam's body on the floor. Rebecca is sitting in a chair when Wes wraps a blanket around her. They both hug. Connor enters and demands that Michaela stand up and not cower in a corner moping. She just sits there. Connor gets a bit more violent but Laurel shouts for him to stop. Laurel crouches down beside her and tells her softly that they need to leave. Michaela is still not listening so Laurel says that everything is going to be ok.("Smile, or Go to Jail") Connor walks over to Wes and Rebecca and says that Michaela is going to ruin it for them. Wes tells him that she will be fine. Connor disagrees and says that Michaela is broken as she doesn't know how to handle it. Rebecca buts in and says that no one knows how to handle it. Connor quickly tells Michaela to get up again when Wes reveals that he has a plan. Laurel and Connor are to take Michaela to the woods while Wes will get Rebecca out of there. Connor is worried as Wes wants them to split up. Wes reminds Connor that Rebecca shouldn't be at the house. Just them, Asher knocks on the front door and shouts to see if anyone is inside. Everyone inside freezes but Connor goes to investigate. Asher shouts that he can see Connor's car in the driveway and carries on banging on the door. Michaela whispers that it's all her fault. Connor agrees with her. Asher continues to shout through the door and demands that Michaela gives him back the trophy that she stole. Laurel sees Asher moving round to the windows and tells everyone to get down and hide. Connor lays down beside the body and tells the corpse that he is so so screwed.("Let's Get to Scooping") Laurel contemplates letting him in as then he will become a part of it. Rebecca suggests that they trick him into stepping in the blood. Laurel agrees but Wes doesn't as he wasn't a part of it. Laurel listens closely as she doesn't hear Asher anymore and goes to check. He's gone. Michaela appears and reveals that she texted him claiming to be at the library.("Freakin' Whack-a-Mole")

Asher is walking down the street. He sees many people having fun, going to the bonfire so he decides to go. At the bonfire, Asher dances with people. In a bar, Bonnie is listening to the TV broadcast about Lila. A man is sat next to her. He tells her that the stuff that they are saying about Lila is crazy. Bonnie asks him if he has secrets to hide and the man replies "don't we all?"("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me")

Wes takes Rebecca to a motel. Wes tells her that he will be back as he has to take care of the body and to not do anything until he's back. Rebecca just sits on the bed staring at the floor. Wes continues telling her that even if someone knocks, not to answer it unless she knows it's him. Rebecca tells him that Sam wanted to kill her and that she had no other choice. Wes tells her to stop it. Rebecca stands up and says that her trial is in a couple of days and she is most likely to go down for it so she is offering to take the blame. She tells Wes that she will kill herself if Wes gets convicted of Sam's murder. Rebecca puts her hands around Wes' neck and tells him to let her help for once. Wes tells her that the only way for her to help is that she should stay in the room and not leave. Wes leaves.("He Deserved to Die")

After Wes leaves, Wes remembers what he did to save Rebecca and when he dropped the trophy that he used to kill Sam. A horn snaps Wes out of his vision and the man tells him to get out of the middle of the road. Wes stares at him for a moment, then decides to go back for the trophy. Once in the house, he walks over to Sam's body and picks up the trophy. He then stares at Sam's body and says that he is sorry.("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me")

In the woods, Connor, Laurel, and Michaela are standing around waiting for Wes to show up. Michaela gets nervous and says that they (Wes and Rebecca) could have gone to the police and pinned it all on them. Connor tells her that everything is going to be fine. Michaela is persistent and says that it's all her fault. Laurel buts in and says that it's all of their faults and that they are all to blame. Michaela goes to call her boyfriend but Connor speaks sense to her as she can barely form a sentence.("It's All Her Fault") Wes runs in and scares them. He opens his backpack and reveals a bloody trophy that he went back for. Michaela tells him to go and put it back but Laurel says that it was a good idea taking the murder weapon. She says that they should clean it and put it back after they bury the body. Michaela and Connor disagree because they will have to drag the body through town on the busiest night of the year. In addition, if they get the body out of the house unseen, the ground in the woods is frozen. Laurel says that they will have to dig all night if they have to. They all start shouting at each other but Wes tells them all to stop and suggests that they decide by flipping a coin to see whether to get the body or leave it where it is.("Pilot")

Meanwhile, Annalise goes to Nate's apartment. When he opens the door, Annalise says that she knows that she can't be there, but she doesn't have anywhere else to go. She tells him that she went to the police station as she was going to tell them everything. Nate doesn't know what she's talking about. Annalise tells him that everything is falling apart and asks Nate to come outside. Nate says that someone is in the hospital and asks her if she wants to come inside. She walks in and closes the door.("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me") Back in the woods, Wes tosses the coin and it lands on heads which mean they go back to the body. Wes grabs his things off of the ground and tells them all to go.("It's All Her Fault") Back at Nate's apartment, Annalise tells Nate that he was right. She thinks Sam killed Lila. She tells him that Sam lied to her about everything, that he knew Lila was pregnant. Nate sits beside her on the couch and asks her if she has told anyone. She tells him that she has only told him and that she told the D.A. to run DNA tests on all the men in Lila's life, even her teachers. Nate agrees with her and tells her that she did the right thing. Annalise doesn't know if she has as if the police find out that Sam hurt her, they will find out about all of the illegal things that she did to help Sam. She should have left him, not protect him like she did. Nate comforts her by saying that everyone would have done the same thing as her. Annalise tells him that he wouldn't.("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me") Michaela stops and says that it makes no sense at all. She seems confused with the plan. She doesn't know what they are going to do with the body once they have it. Wes says that they will burn it. Michaela tells Wes that a body doesn't just burn, they need an incinerator. Wes says that the flames will get rid of their DNA and Connor says that the bonfire will cover the smoke. Laurel has an idea. They can go to the bonfire and use it for their alibi.("Smile, or Go to Jail")

At the bonfire, drunk students and teenagers are throwing wood onto the fire. Music is playing really loudly. Wes and Laurel take many selfies of them doing things that they would be doing if they were drunk so that if anyone asks, that have proof that they were there. Connor does the same. Michaela just stands there when Connor grabs her and tries to make her look like she's having fun. Michaela isn't smiling so Connor tells her to smile, or go to jail. Michaela smiles for a few selfies.("Smile, or Go to Jail")

After the bonfire, they return to the crime scene. Connor asks what the plan is and offers a few suggestions. Wes tells him that they will roll him in a rug and deal with that later. Michaela phone buzzes on silent and she sneaks off into another room to answer it. As Laurel comes back with paper towels to mop up the blood, she notices her leaving. Laurel quickly puts the paper towels down and grabs the trophy that Wes hands her and goes to the kitchen to clean it. When she gets in there, Michaela has her phone in her hand. Laurel asks her if she was about to call Aiden. Michaela claims that she wasn't but Laurel isn't convinced. So she walks over and snatches the phone out of her hand and checks. There are multiple missed calls from Aiden. Laurel informs Michaela that if she calls him, the cell tower will place her at the scene of the murder. Michaela claims to know. Laurel explains that she knows that Michaela likes to control everything, but the things that they are doing now is out of theirs. Laurel tells her that she needs to switch off her brain and go along with the plan. Michaela snatches the phone back and tells her to not treat her like she's a child and walks out of the kitchen. Laurel then resumes washing the statue in the sink.("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me") Back in Nate's apartment, Annalise thinks that she should leave. Nate asks her where she will go and Annalise doesn't know. She tells him that she will probably go to a hotel and tells him not to worry as she won't go back to the house. Nate stands up and tells her that she is too upset to go anywhere and tells her that she needs to stay until she has calmed down. Annalise reuses but comes round to the idea.("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me")

In the house, Wes and Connor are rolling the body in the rug on the floor. Michaela refuses to look or do anything. Laurel comes in and reveals that she washed all of the blood off of the trophy and the sink with bleach to remove any blood. Laurel asks what they should do next. Wes says that they should put the trophy back and Connor says that they should get the hell out of there. Wes, Connor, and Laurel try and lift the body but can't as it's too heavy. They all look to Michaela for help. She reluctantly walks over and grabs one end of the body. They all struggle to move the body outside.("Pilot") Meanwhile, Bonnie is at a posh hotel, kissing the man who was talking to her at the bar. Bonnie asks him about his job. He tells her that she smells so good and continues to kiss her.("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me") Back at the house, a cop appears. The cop asks them if a car blocking the sidewalk is theirs. Connor owns up and says that its his and offers to move it. The cop asks if the house they're in is the law professor. After a pause, Michaela saves them by saying it's Annalise Keating's place and that they are moving her old rug out of the house. The cop is confused as to why a professor would ask her students to take out an old rug to burn on the bonfire. Michaela gets out her phone and offers to call Annalise to confirm. Laurel gets worried and says that it's a bit late. Michaela improvises by saying that Annalise went to her mother's funeral. The cop backs down and hears a bottle smashing. He quickly apologizes and leaves to chase after a few rogue teenagers.("Pilot")

After putting the body in the car, they drive out of Annalise's driveway and onto the road. Laurel suggests that they go to a gas station. Connor asks Sam's body what they should do. Wes says that the gas station Laurel suggested was to close as they could bump into people they know and should go further away. On the street, Asher gets a call from Bonnie. Bonnie is leaving the hotel in a bit of a rush and looks emotional. She asks him if his party is still happening. He tells her it was kind of a bust and asks her why. She tells him that she could swing by his place for a bit. Back in the car, Laurel suddenly notices Asher crossing the road directly in front of the car. Connor stops the car before he plowed him over. Asher is surprised that Bonnie would want to spend time with him and stops in the middle of the road blocking Connor's car unknowingly. Bonnie asks him if it is ok with him. He tells her that he will be there in 20 and walks off. Bonnie hangs up the phone and walks out of the hotel. Back in the car, Connor tells them that "this is freakin' whack-a-mole" and drives off.("Freakin' Whack-a-Mole")("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me") They drive out of town to the gas station Wes suggested. Connor tells them that they are all screwed and that Asher knew that they were in the house. On top, they also have the cop that was a witness. Connor gets paranoid with all of the things that they have done wrong. Laurel tells Connor that he has said enough. Connor "agrees" and puts on the radio. Christmas songs begin playing. Connor says "perfect" and changes the words of the song to fit their situation.("Let's Get to Scooping")

Annalise calls Sam to see if he picks up but he doesn't. Annalise tells Nate that it's probably better that he didn't answer anyway. She looks over and sees a photo of Nate and his wife's wedding. She asks Nate if he thinks they're terrible people. Nate leans forward and grabs her hand and tells her that he doesn't know and it depends on who they ask. Annalise goes to pull away but Nate pulls her onto his lap and kisses her. They start removing each other's clothes while kissing. Nate lifts her up and they start to have sex on a wall.("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me")

Back in the motel room that Wes told Rebecca to stay in while he took care of the body, Rebecca cannot sit still as she is anxious. She goes to the window to see if Wes is back but he isn't. Rebecca puts on the TV and lays on her bed. She flicks through the channels and turns it off. She looks at the phone and calls 911. When a woman answers, she freezes and tells her that it is a prank call and puts the phone down.("He Deserved to Die") Meanwhile, the gang arrives at a store, Wes goes inside. He picks up two bottles of lighter fluid and two bags of potato chips. When he gets to the counter, he picks up a prepaid phone and adds it to his basket. Back at the motel, the phone rings and Rebecca is hesitant to answer it. She picks up the phone and finds Wes on the other end. Wes says he has a new phone. Rebecca tells him that he shouldn't be calling. Wes looks outside to check if Connor's car was still there. On the phone, Wes says that is taking care of it and that he got the others to come around to the idea of getting the body. He tells her that they are going to protect her.("It's All Her Fault")("He Deserved to Die") In the car, Christmas songs are still playing and Connor is still singing along. Michaela begs him to stop. Wes gets into the car after going to the store. He tosses Laurel some potato chips. He said that he bought other stuff so that he wouldn't look suspicious on the surveillance video. Connor continues to sing along to the jolly Christmas song.("Pilot")

After getting a call from Bonnie telling him to meet her at his house, Asher casually tidies up while Bonnie looks at something. He asks her if she wants a drink. Bonnie tells him that she thinks that she's had enough and takes off her shoes while sitting on his couch. Asher asks her if she has had a rough night. He offers to talk about it. She tells him no and to sit down while stroking the chair. Asher doesn't want to take advantage of her as he thinks that she is pretty wasted. She tells him that she's a woman and she knows what she wants, even though she might be drunk. So she tells him to get over there. Asher sits down next to her and Bonnie gets on top of him and kisses him. He lifts her up and moves her on the couch. She hits her head on some books. He moves them while she tries to get his pants down.("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me") Meanwhile, the gang is carrying the body through the forest when they hear a couple laughing. They quickly take cover behind a tree and turn off their flashlights. The couple begins to get naked when Laurel's phone goes off. The couple stops and shouts "who's there." Laurel quickly gets her phone out of her pocket and ignores the phone call from Frank. The couple shouts again and flees when there is no reply. Michaela asks Laurel why Frank is calling her and that she saw the picture of him without a top on her phone.("Pilot") Wes jumps to conclusions and asks Laurel if she told Frank about what they are doing. Michaela gets jealous because they never allowed her to call her fiancée. Laurel admits to them that she slept with Frank but she hasn't told Frank anything. Michaela asks her why they should believe her. Laurel says that she doesn't have to as they aren't friends. Connor tells Laurel that she is a cheater and she agrees.("We're Not Friends")

When they reach the spot far away from the bonfire where they can't be heard or seen, they unravel the body from the rug and cover in twigs and lighter fluid. Wes asks if they all agree as there is no going back. They all agree and Wes lights a match which shines a light on the body's face revealing that the body is Sam's. Wes throws the match on the body and it sets on fire.("Pilot") While burning the body, Laurel gets another call from Frank. Connor makes a snide comment. Wes suggests that she answer it. Michaela agrees as it strengthens their alibi as you can hear bonfire in the background. Laurel answers it and Frank demands to know where she is. She responds by saying that she's at the bonfire and to stop calling her. Frank wants to explain but Laurel won't let him as he lied her and was using her. He tells her not to shut him out. Laurel ends the call by saying that it's too late.("We're Not Friends")

After burning the body, Connor repeatedly hits the burnt corpse, breaking it apart. Michaela looks away and covers her ears as to not hear the bones breaking. Connor stops and asks Michaela for help. Michaela tells him that she is just having a break. Connor won't take no for an answer. Wes and Laurel sit down. Connor tells Michaela that they need to see it through and to grab a trash bag and get to scooping up the bits of the body. He then resumes hitting the body and laughs at the same time.("Let's Get to Scooping")

Wes and Michaela carry black bags full of Sam to Connor's car. Laurel is sat in the car while Connor is sat on a rock. Wes informs the group that they have put in the last bag in the car. Connor tells everyone to get in the car when Michaela realizes that she has lost her engagement ring. She tells everyone to wait and that it's gone. Everyone stops and turns around to look at Michaela. Michaela falls to the ground and looks for it. Michaela repeats "I lost my ring."("Smile, or Go to Jail") They all return to the woods to search for the missing engagement ring but have no luck finding it. Laurel informs Michaela that it's going to be light soon and that they still need to dispose of the body. Michaela refuses to leave until they find it. Wes questions her to see if she had her ring on when they left the house and Michaela says that she did. Connor says that they will have to cancel the wedding. Michaela cries more and Wes tells Connor to stop as they all still need Michaela to return the trophy back to Asher. Laurel says that Michaela won't be able to do it in her current state. Connor isn't happy about this as he has done his part, and it's time for Michaela to do hers. Laurel speaks up and says that she will do it. Connor questions how and Laurel says that she will figure it out.("We're Not Friends")

They all drive to a dumpster. Connor starts throwing the trash bags into the dumpster Laurel also helps. Michaela tries to stop Connor as her ring might be in one of them. Connor tells her that she's said enough. Laurel tells her that they are not going through every bag. Wes tells them all that throwing the body in the dumpster is a bad idea and that they need to get to an incinerator. Connor stops and says that Wes has been outvoted. Michaela grabs one and starts opening it. She puts her hand in and gets body on her fingers. She stands up and says "oh, god." Connor walks over and tells her to grow up. He grabs the last bag and throws it in. Laurel makes sure that there isn't anymore. Michaela just wants to leave. Wes stands there for a moment as he thinks they have messed up. Everyone's ready to leave but Wes still isn't in the car. Connor tells him that the train is leaving and asks him if he's coming. Wes reluctantly gets into the car and they drive off.("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me")

Annalise quietly leaves Nate's apartment, gets in her car and drives home. She calls Sam again and leaves him a voice message. She tells him that she didn't think that he would pick up. She tells him that she's still got a lot to say to him but she doesn't want to do it by phone but she has no other choice. She tells him that they built a life together for 20 years. She tells him that she didn't mean all of the horrible things that they have said to each other and to forgive her. Annalise doesn't want things to end that way. She wants them to work through it and she wants them to be together and that she will stand by him through all of it. She tells him to come home so that they can be together.("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me")

After they disposed of the body, Wes goes to a motel on his bike. He gets to room 203 and says "it's me" through the closed door. Rebecca answers and lets Wes inside. Rebecca asks what took him so long. Wes says that it's done. Rebecca is happy and they both hug. She tells him that he should never leave her like that again. Wes says that he won't and that he is there now. They both kiss and Wess comforts her by saying that she is safe.("It's All Her Fault")

Connor goes to see Oliver at his apartment and claims that he was in the neighborhood. Oliver thinks that Connor is on some kind of drug. Connor denies and paces up and down the corridor. Oliver smells something bad and thinks it's smoke. Connor tells him that he screwed up and starts having a breakdown. Oliver stares at him for a second, crouches down and puts a hand on his shoulder. Connor repeats "I screwed up" over and over again.("Let's Get to Scooping") Oliver tells him that everything will be okay and to get inside so that he can tell him everything. Meanwhile, Michaela gets in and sees her wedding dress hanging up. She walks over to it and stares at it.("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me")

Laurel knocks on Frank's door. Frank lets her in and Laurel says that she should be there. Frank thinks that they should talk them through. Laurel shakes her head and asks if Frank would do anything for her. He says that he would and he is now getting suspicious of what's she wants. She takes the trophy out of her bag and puts it on his table. She asks him for his help. They sit down and Frank looks from the trophy to Laurel's face in confusion.("We're Not Friends") She tells him that she stole it from Asher. She says that she has been really stressed out about the exams and that she still hasn't broken up with Khan and also when she found out about Frank's girlfriend. Frank corrects as she's his ex-girlfriend. Laurel doesn't care, she just tells him that she stole it and that she doesn't want Asher thinking that she took it. Frank seems a bit disappointed it wasn't something worse. He tells her that he will take care of it.("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me")

After Asher and Bonnie have sex, Asher checks his phone and sees pictures of Connor, Wes, Laurel, and Michaela at the bonfire. He says that they never even wanted to go. Bonnie says that he can never tell anyone about them. Bonnie tells him that them having sex never happened. Asher agrees and claims to never be 'that guy.' Asher wants it to happen again when Bonnie's phone rings. She answers it and its Annalise crying. She asks Bonnie if she is with Sam and Bonnie says no as she isn't and asks why. Annalise tells her that something terrible has happened.("Freakin' Whack-a-Mole") She tells her that they fought last night after she left and that the D.A. was going to find out that the baby was his. He thinks he is going to go away for the murder. She says that he isn't answering his phone and she's worried that he might have done something stupid. Bonnie tells her to stay right where she is and that she will be right over. Asher asks who was on the phone. Bonnie tells him that she needs to get to the office. He offers her a ride and breakfast but Bonnie doesn't think that it's a good idea.("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me")

The next morning, Wes wakes up in the motel room and finds that Rebecca isn't there. He calls her name when she walks through the door with coffee and bagels. He asks her where she was and she tells him that it's a bit obvious. He asks her where the flash drive is and she hands it to him. He puts it on the desk and breaks it with the bottom of the lamp. Rebecca asks him why he did that. Wes tells her that the thumb drive puts them at the scene of the crime the previous night. Rebecca asks Wes if what they did was all for nothing.("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me")


Season 1
"Pilot" "It's All Her Fault" "Smile, or Go to Jail" "Let's Get to Scooping" "We're Not Friends"
"Freakin' Whack-a-Mole" "He Deserved to Die" "He Has a Wife" "Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me" "Hello Raskolnikov"
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