The Night at the Hapstall Mansion is an event that happened on April 3, 2015 on a Friday.[1][2]



While Catherine is asleep, we see that in the room of Catherine's paintings, Connor talks to Michaela and Caleb, about her, but Caleb defends her and Connor tells them to call Annalise. Wes asks if they should not call Nate. At the same time Annalise talks to Frank, Wes and Laurel about the photo in which Philip has one of Catherine's paintings. Annalise decides to speak first with Catherine, but as they speak, Connor and Michaela argue over whether they should get rid of the weapon, until Caleb touches it and is covered by his footprints. Catherine wakes up and sees that Caleb holds the pistol in his painting room and flees. Laurel calls and talks to Michaela, and they make this known to Annalise, who goes to the Hapstall mansion, and when she arrives she demands explanations.

Annalise chastises them for Caleb's touching the gun, and asks if he knows where Catherine is, to which he replies no, and Wes asks him again if they should not call Nate. In the police station, Sinclair interrogates Nate about the background that Philip had of overnight and suggests that he change them, and although it is true, Nate is annoyed and asks if they will accuse him of something, when he They say it does not go away. Sinclair follows Nate and tells him that if he likes Annalise to have him on his lap dog, and that if he orders her to kill his wife, Nate breaks out and yells at her not to mention Nia, while all her co-workers are They are watching

Caleb explains to the boys and Annalise that he was looking for Annalise when he went to his studio and because he was getting very cold he went to look at the ventilation to see if it was working and that's when he found the gun. Annalise doubts what Caleb is telling him and he tells them that he was afraid that Catherine would accept that it was his, and then tells them that perhaps Philip did. Annalise tells Wes and Laurel to show him the photo of Philip to Caleb and he does not think Catherine knows Philip, but Annalise tells him that he can no longer represent them both.

Annalise calls Frank and tells him to find Catherine before she does something stupid, while Frank sees that Philip is arrested. While Asher calls his father without getting an answer, he receives Bonnie's visit, and she is affected. Asher believes Sinclair was the one who shed his father's dirty rags to light, but Bonnie tells him that he is his father ... As we see that the camera transports us to the office of William Millstone, where we see that he committed suicide.

Annalise calls Nate, but he tells her that he is about to be fired and can not help her, then Laurel tells him that Asher's father committed suicide. At her parents' house, Asher talks to her mother about the funeral, but she tells him that she does not look sad, but that she has already turned the page and that she is probably glad she got what she deserved. Asher tells her that this is not true and tells her that they need to be together during those difficult times, but she tells him that she does not want to have anything to do with him and asks him why he chose Annnalise rather than them, his own parents. In her car, Asher burst out and cries. Bonnie tells Frank that they did this, but Frank tries to convince her that it is not true, and that he deserves it, but Bonnie tells her that they are at a point where people need to protect themselves from them.

Rreturning to when Nate speaks on the phone with Annalise, Nate enters the office of his boss and this tells him that he has to dismiss him for his temper, as Emily Sinlair made a complaint to Nate saying he fears for his life. Nate does not answer anything about it, but asks if he can file a complaint, as he would like to report Sinclair for harassment and discrimination.

In the parking lot of the police station, Nate arrives at Sinclair's car and asks why I call him there. Sinclair tells him that he wants to bury the ax, and he tells her that it only depends on her. Emily tells him that she has never been behind him, if not Annalise, and asks him to help her destroy her, since he ruined her life, but he tells her that she also contributed to ruining her, so he suggests that It will not help. A few minutes later, Nate leaves the parking lot and heads up, but on the way he meets a man who tells him that he does not know if he is an officer or a patrolman under the circumstances, and he tells her that he is as lost as He, as he leaves and we see something suspicious.

Slowly we approach the Emily Sinclair car that is empty, and it can be assumed that Nate killed her, but then we see that Emily Sinclair is still alive, and down the stairs of the police station to go to her car. It is then that he meets Asher, who goes in his car to one side of her and tells him that it is all his fault because she made the investigation open to William. Sinclair tells her that it was not her, but that she is glad they did not mention her name in the article, and tells her that she will be better off without him. Shortly after realizing that he was walking in the opposite direction and returns, passing behind Asher's car. Asher, very upset and angry, accelerates and runs Sinclair, and only a second after he does, he realizes what he has just done.

Asher has been in the same position in the car since the last 27 minutes, and a woman walks past him. The woman tells him if he needs help, but he tells her that they are already on their way to help him. A few moments later, Bonnie arrives and stops, gets out of the car and goes with him. Asher asks if she's alive and they just need to call the ambulance but after peering under the car, Bonnie confirms her worst guess: she's dead.

Annalise is on his phone hearing the news of the death of William Millstone, Nate calls her and tells her that they have another problem with Sinclair and tells him that he calls her to help her destroy her, and tells her that she is persistent. Nate asks if he already heard about Philip, who released him, Annalise tells him that they have their DNA at the scene of the crime. He soon gets another call and tells Nate to call him later. Annalise answers the call and it's Bonnie, who tells her that Sinclair is dead. Bonnie tells him that Asher wants to confess and that if he does, everything will come out: "Bonnie killed Sam", who covered him up and went to prison. Annalise begins to think very overwhelmed and thinks of everything: William's suicide, that Nate exploded in front of the whole police station and shouted to Sinclair, Bonnie and Asher ... until he gives the answer and calls Frank, and He tells her to take the pills he got (which reminds her of how Nia tells her they would just put her to sleep), and Frank asks how bad the situation is, but Annalise only responds "badly."

Caleb calls Catherine but still has no answer. Michaela asks Laurel, Connor, and Wes if they have spoken to Asher, and although Connor tells her that he does not know what to say, Wes tells him they can only give him their condolences, and Connor reveals that Michaela slept with Caleb. Connor continues to molest Michaela but she says she will call Asher, and discovers that none of the Keating 4 has her phone number.

Annalise goes to the living room, where he tells everyone that there has been a change of plans and that Sinclair will go to the mansion and they will tell him everything. Caleb questions her and she tells him that if they hide things from Sinclair, they will worsen their situation. Annalise tells him to go to Michaela's apartment.

On the outskirts of the mansion, Michaela manages to convince him to leave telling her that she will stay and if Catherine returns she will let him know.

Laurel warns them that there is a car outside, and Annalise asks them why they are still there, but tells them that it is Sinclair and orders them not to move.

When he leaves, he meets Bonnie, who takes her to the trunk of the car and tells him that she is very sorry, while Annalise tells her that she looks for him herself, and the camera turns until she shows us Sinclair's corpse in the trunk of the car. car. Shortly after, another car arrives at the house and when it is parked behind the one of Bonnie, Annalise sees Asher, that is very affected by what happened. Annalise tells them that they have to take her inside.

Inside, the Keating 4 expect to meet Emily Sinclair and Annalise, while they are all sitting quietly, but they hear a noise and go to the entrance, where they see Annnalise, Bonnie and Asher next to a carpet wrapped in a carpet. They all turn around and Connor asks who it is, Annalise tells them it's Emily Sinclair, then Michaela asks if someone kills her, but Bonnie tells her that it does not matter and Asher says he hit her.

Bonnie says it was an accident and Annalise tells the others they will make it look like an even bigger accident. Everyone goes crazy and they start talking, but Annalise tells them to do what they say and then ask. Connor refuses to do so and tells him he's gone, and that's crazy. Annalise gets upset and tells Asher that the Wes, Laurel, Michaela and Connor killed Sam by protecting Rebecca, and tells him everything. He tells them he has been protecting them all this time and that now they will protect him too.

Annalise tells her version of the story: They discovered that Catherine knew Philip and found the pistol in her studio, then she and Sinclair confronted her; Catherine kills Sinclair and flees. The boys do not believe that anyone will believe them, but Annalise tells them they will make a mess and that even if they do not fit the story does not care, police officers who find the crime scene will see the disaster and they will try to build a story That makes sense. Annalise calls Sinclair's phone and tells her they discovered something new in Catherine's study and they have to talk. Meanwhile, Michaela, Asher, Connor and Bonnie lift up Sinclair's body and lead him up; Wes and Laurel clean the car with rags.

Annalise calls Frank and asks him about Catherine, and he tells her that he is taking care of that, but asks if he is sure to do all that to protect Asher, to which Annalise replies that he is not protecting Asher, if Not Nate, and explains that he shouted at Sinclair that afternoon at the police station. Wes listens to everything and calls Nate for help. Wes tells him that Annalise lost control and is trying to protect him, so he must go immediately, and tells him that Sinclair is dead.

On the roof or upstairs, Asher, Bonnie, Connor and Michaela manage to finally take the body, but when they arrive they drop them. Connor tells Bonnie that she is just as sick and will not do this, and leaves, while Michaela looks at him. Michaela also leaves and Bonnie claims that she has already done that before, and she responds to Bonnie that for that reason she will not do it again. Annalise calls Catherine and tells her they can fix it if she lets them help her. Nate calls Annalise, but she tells him that she will protect him and let her do it.

In the room, Laurel holds the gun and Wes tells her not to, but Laurel nervously tells her to throw her into the pool, for the chlorine will erase all the tracks and it will take longer for the officers to find her. Wes tells him that Nate is on the way, but then they hear someone coming and hiding, they turn out to be Connor and Michaela ( I Want You to Die ) and they follow. Bonnie and Asher raise Emily Sinclair while Connor and Michaela come down, Wes and Laurel stand and their corpse falls to the ground spattering blood all over the place.

At the motel where Catherine is, we see her go downstairs while Annalise continues to leave a voice message in the mailbox, and we see how Catherine goes for food, but at that moment Philip arrives and stops, climbs and touches the room where Catherine stayed. They do not open it. Bonnie makes Connor and Michaela come back ( I Want You to Die ) and takes the gun to Wes and Laurel, but then Asher goes down, telling them that it will not work because when the abuse he heard how his bones thundered and when they threw it he heard different. Bonnie tells the guys to get Asher in the car. Philip goes down the stairs and as we see Frank grab Catherine and put a chloroform cloth on her nose until she falls asleep.

Bonnie goes with the pistol in his hands to Annalise , and tells him that they have already done it, and that he will carry the pistol with Frank, but Annalise tells him to leave it and take Asher out of there. Bonnie runs out of choice and leaves. Soon after, we see Bonnie driving to Asher ( Meet Bonnie ), and we see that Bonnie and Asher are at the gas station and when Bonnie Asher leaves, she's gone, but a few moments later, Asher returns with a ticket to Wash his car, and tells Bonnie that they need to wash the car.

Meanwhile, Frank has Catherine in his possession and undoes the sleeping pills into a bottle full of water and gives it to an unconscious Catherine. As they enter the carwreck, Asher asks Bonnie if it ever works to fake the crime scene, and she replies that sometimes. Philip arrives at the Hapstall Mansion and calls Catherine, asking if he is home in a voice message.

In the room, Michaela tries to clean the table, but Laurel tells her that it makes sense to have her footprints, because they are in the house all the time, while Connor tells her that it will not work anyway. Annalise arrives with the gun and tells them that he is right, that it will not work ... unless they make it realistic. Everyone gets scared as she calls 911 and says Catherine shot her.

At the same time, we see Nate heading to the mansion ( It's Called the Octopus ) in a hurry, while listening on the radio that someone has been shot in the Hapstall mansion. In the room, Annalise hands the gun to Connor but he does not accept it, so he tells him that if he does not shoot him then Oliver will go to prison, and that with that face will not last long ...

Connor takes the gun and is about to shoot him until Michaela interposes and Connor calms down a little, but tells Annnalise that he hates her, leaves the gun and leaves. Annalise is still trying to get her students to shoot her and tells Michaela to think about her future, but she says no and goes after Connor. Laurel tries to stop them but at the same time Annalise gives the gun to Wes, who tells him that he will not. Annalise tells Laurel to do it, and that she has been through worse with her father, and although she considers it, she says no, and that perhaps they deserve to go to prison for everything they have done. Annalise asks for the gun to Wes, and he says no and goes with Laurel. Annalise, without options, tells Wes that Rebecca is dead.

Wes stops and something is activated on him. Laurel tells Wes that she only says that to shoot him, but Wes does not listen. Annalise confesses that she has been dead all this time, and that every time he asked her, she was still lying to him. Wes finally points at his leg, but a second later points to his stomach and shoots him while Annalise yells "No" ( It's Time to Move On ). Wes approaches Annalise as he continues to aim, and Laurel shouts at Wes to stop. We managed to see how at first, that Annalise whispers a few words, but this time we can understand them: "Christophe", and this causes Wes to stop.

After the ShootingEdit

The episode begins by returning to the night in the Hapstall mansion, just the moment he stayed: Wes has just shot Annalise and is about to do it again, but he hears whispering his name, "Christophe." Laurel stops him and asks him if he's crazy and what the hell is he doing while he takes the gun from him. Michaela comes back and asks Laurel if she shot Annalise. Laurel watches the scene and decides to cover Wes, while telling Michaela that he had no choice. Michaela tells him to shoot her in the leg, and she tells him that she had never shot anyone before. Wes takes Laurel's gun and tells them to take her to the pool as they said and Michaela takes Laurel out while telling Wes to look for Connor. ("What Happened to You, Annalise?")

Wes rushes out of the mansion, agitated. The scene changes and then we enter the house, where we see the living room, where is the family portrait of the Hapstall, and little by little the screen goes down until we see Annalise bleeding on the floor having trouble breathing. ("It's Time to Move On")

Wes keeps running very agitated away from the masion. Wes listens to Laurel and Michaela, who speak to him while they are hiding behind a tree. Wes asks them about Connor, and Laurel and Michaela tell him they thought they were together, then Laurel and Wes say they can not leave without Connor and Michaela ends up nodding and they're going to get Connor. Inside the Hapstall mansion, in the living room are Annalise, covered in blood, and Connor who tries to stop the bleeding, while telling him that all this is his fault, and that it is always his fault. Wes, Michaela and Laurel arrive and tell her that they have to go, but he refuses and tells them that she is dying. Laurel tells him that there is nothing they can do, but Connor still does not listen to them, and then Michaela tries to reassure him and make him go with them. Finally Connor heed them, and all run while they leave the Hapstall mansion, and we see the corpse of Emily Sinclair. ("She's Dying")

The Keating 4 run into the forest as the camera returns to the Hapstall's living room, where Annalise is lying on the ground. At the same time we see that Nate is calling the telephone of Annalise, she tries to answer the call, while a worried Nate goes to the mansion in a police car. Annalise does not manage to pick up the phone and closes her eyes little by little until she finally becomes unconscious. The Keating 4 continue to run through the forest, until they see a car approaching the lights and they all crouch while it stops. A police officer gets out of the car and while everyone tries to hide, it reveals that that police officer is Nate and asks them what they do, get on the car. Everyone rushes into Nate's car and we see that Wes and Nate are somewhat worried as Nate takes them away from the crime scene. ("It's Called the Octopus")

Meanwhile, Annalise continues to bleed on the floor of the Hapstall mansion, when the paramedics arrive and carry her on a stretcher to the ambulance - they pass by the corpse of Emily Sinclair - where they try to prove that she is still alive. After reviewing it we see that Annalise starts to go into unemployment and the paramedics try to revive it. The Keating 4 and Nate are on the patrol while listening to the radio that there is a dead person and another wounded in the Hapstall mansion. Michaela gets a call and everyone goes crazy, but Nate reassures them and tells her to answer. Michaela answers Caleb, and calmer than ever, says everything is fine. The ambulance where this Annalise is on his way to the hospital and continue reporting everything through the police station (while still controlling Annalise to stay alive), where Nate and the Keating 4 are still listening. Everyone is still worried and Nate is parked, as he tries to calm them and tells them that if they follow the plan everything will go well. Nate asks Michaela if she can do it: she answers that if they stop thinking that it will do badly everything would be better, but that yes, it is ready. Michaela climbs up to apartment 34 and there she meets up with Caleb, who asks her how she is. ("Skanks Get Shanked")

When they finally arrive at the hospital and transport her on a stretcher, Frank arrives frantically and asks about her. Doctors tell him they'll take Annalise to surgery, and Frank goes crazy. A doctor is forced to take Frank to the exit pushing it while shouting to them that they do not let it die. Once he is alone and out of sight of the cameras, Frank walks very quietly as if nothing had happened, and gets into his car, where it reveals that Catherine is in the backseat with eyes closed, But we do not know if he's still alive or because he's in Frank's car. Frank loads Catherine's body at night, and finally leaves him somewhere in the woods near the Hapstall mansion, and leaves. ("Two Birds, One Millstone")

It's been hours since everything happened, and we can see that it is probably dawning when suddenly we see a police station, where a receptionist asks someone who needs it, and Asher appears, and he responds that he needs to testify. Asher tells him that he knows his father, and that he would not commit suicide, and that he believes he was actually murdered and is covering up. ("Meet Bonnie", "What Happened to You, Annalise?")

The officer does not seem to believe him but he does not tell her. The next morning in the forest, a policewoman and her dog find her and inform the others, and just then Catherine wakes up in agitation without knowing what is happening. ("Two Birds, One Millstone")


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