"They keep pumping me full of drugs and radiation, signing me up for trials. The miracle of modern medicine can keep me alive for years, but this is not living. Definitely not for Nate. I want you to do a favor for me, Annalise. I want you to help me end it."
—Nia Lahey to Annalise Keating[src]

Nia Lahey is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. She was the wife of Nate Lahey. She had stage 4 ovarian cancer[1] and was usually in the hospital. Nia was aware of Annalise and Nate's relationship, but she permitted it because she knew she would die soon. Nia also asked Annalise to have Frank get sleeping pills for her so she could commit suicide, but Annalise ultimately refused. She believed that Annalise killed Sam


Season 2Edit

"I gave Nia those pills because I loved her. And I laid next to her in that bed, held her as she fell asleep, so close that I could feel when she took her last breath."
Nate Lahey to Annalise Keating[src]
Nia asking Annalise to help her kill herself. ("Skanks Get Shanked")

While in her hospital bed, Nia calls Annalise using Nate's phone and asks her to visit her. The following morning, Annalise arrives and informs her that she was afraid to come being as she felt awkward with her as she slept with Nate. Nia asks her whether she loves Nate to which Annalise refuses to answer. Nia informs her that she has to love him as she announces that she doesn't want to live in pain any longer. And when she goes, she wants Nate to have someone, referring to Annalise. After urging Annalise to hold her hand, Nia asks her to do her a favor: help her kill herself. Upset by the mere suggestion, Annalise gets up to leave and Nia tells her that all she would have to do is get her the pills. Annalise refuses again, however, Nia tells her to do it for Nate because he isn't happy, which is the reason why Nia tells her that she allowed Nate to carry on seeing her. Annalise soon after leaves, telling her that she isn't promising her anything. Sometime later, she is visited by Annalise again who tells her that she thinks about killing herself a lot, however, she tells her that she doesn't actually do it, inferring that she is refusing to help her end her life. Nia admits to her that she thought that she would do it as she has done it before, referring to her husband. Annalise tells her that she isn't the woman that she thinks she is and leaves. ("Skanks Get Shanked")

Following this, Annalise tells Nate what Nia tried to have her do and Nate confronts Nia about wanting to kill herself to end her suffering. The two talk until Nate agrees to help her. Once he obtained the pills, Nate stayed by her bed until she fell asleep, never to wake up again. ("Two Birds, One Millstone")


  • Although her first appearance wasn't until Season 2, when looking at Nate's emails in "Freakin' Whack-a-Mole", it is shown that she has been emailing him multiple times regarding various things.[2]


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