Nate Bynum is a minor actor on How to Get Away with Murder, who portrays the role of Maxwell Salinas.



Nate Bynum is an American actor known for his extensive work in TV & Film. His fellow cast mates have including Matt Damon, Eric Roberts, Craig T. Nelson, Andy Samberg, Robert Downey Jr., Patrick Dempsey, Breckin Meyer, Dennis Hopper, Chazz Palminteri, Sandra Bullock, and many more. He is best known for his work in Iron Man 3 (2013), My Dog Skip (2000), The Rainmaker (1997), and a recurring role as Coach Velazquez on the television series, Crash (2009). In 1997, while an assistant professor at Mississippi State University, Nate booked a role in the feature film, The Rainmaker, shooting in Memphis, TN., and starring a young actor named Matt Damon. Damon promised to do a guest-appearance at Nate's university if he were ever back in the area. By 2001, Nate was an associate professor at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and Damon was in Vegas shooting the feature film, Ocean's 11. Nate contacted the Oscar-winner and Damon showed up and gave a 2-hour long question and answer session on whatever the students thought to ask.[1]


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