"I'm just not sure about the idea of a smaller firm."
"The only thing small around here is the amount of mansplaining we deal with each day.
Annalise Keating and Natalia Wright[src]

Natalia Wright is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. She is an attorney at a small law firm who offered Annalise Keating a job.


Season 5Edit

During Annalise Keating's interview, Natalia offered to take the billable hours requirement off of the table, thereby leaving Annalise open to spending her time working on her class action cases. Annalise has doubts being as the firm is smaller than the others. Natalia makes a comment about the fact that the women are in charge of the firm, meaning that they don't have to answer to any men. Annalise asks whether she will be allowed to hire her own team. Annalise tells her and the other partners that she will think about the offer. Days later, Natalia calls Annalise and tells her that her firm can no longer offer her a job. Other law firms also pulled out. Annalise later approached Natalia at her office demanding for an explanation as of why they weren't offering her a job anymore and she tells her that it is because of the governor putting pressure on them to not hire her. This then forced Annalise to go with Caplan & Gold. ("Your Funeral")


Season 5
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