Mr. Travers is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. He is the father of Meggy Travers.


Season 3Edit

While in town, Mr. Travers has his daughter invite her new boyfriend to dinner. That night, Mr. Travers questions Wes about his childhood and Wes tells him that that he moved around a lot. Mr. Travers assumes that it's because he's an army brat but Wes tells him otherwise. He then asks about Wes' parents before Meggy tries to stop him after she thinks that he's probing too much. Mr. Travers just tells her that he's interested in him. Meggy answers on Wes' behalf and tells her father that his mother did of stomach cancer and he never met his father. This causes Mr. Travers to apologize to Wes. ("It's About Frank")

Though Wes and Meggy seemed to be going strong, Wes later broke things off with Meggy. ("Is Someone Really Dead?")


Season 3
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