"The whole concept of sex trafficking is relatively new. In my day, you booked for solicitation and let them do the time. Catch and release."
—Mr. Hedstrom to Annalise Keating at court.[src]

Mr. Hedstrom is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. He was the prosecutor who prosecuted Jasmine Bromelle for prosittution in 1968. He later retired from 33 years of work at the Prosecutor's Office.


Season 4Edit

Mr. Hedstrom questioned on the stand. ("I'm Not Her")

In 1968, Mr. Hedstrom was given Jasmine Bromelle's case. She was a 13-year-old woman who was accused of prostitution and Mr. Hedstrom ensured that Jasmine did time for her offense. Mr. Hedstrom later had Jasmine released from juvenile detention and had sealed her record. Years later, in 2016, Mr. Hedstrom is called to the stand in the Philadelphia Courthouse to testify during Jasmine's retrial. Her attorney, Annalise Keating, begun by asking him about Jasmine's case to which he answers. Annalise also asks him why he prosecuted her for prostitution, and not treated her as a sex trafficking victim. He responds by informing her that sex trafficking is a recently introduced concept. Annalise then presents the court with various other cases Mr. Hedstrom prosecuted over whose cases are identical to Jasmine's with the exception being that Jasmine is black and the others are white. Annalise then argues that because Jasmine was treated like a criminal, she later became one because of it and maybe, if she was treated like the other sex trafficking victims, then she could have lived a completely different life. Annalise asks the judge to not just release her from prison, but also to vacate her prior charges. The judge later agrees. ("I'm Not Her")


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