"We didn't even like Zoe. We only hung out with her because she was Rachel's friend. [...] All I know is that Zoe forced herself onto us, and then everything was awful after that!"
—Molly Barlett to Annalise Keating in court[src]

Molly Bartlett is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. She is a student who hung around with Zoe Mitchell, Megan Harris and Rachel Glasser before the murder.


Season 2Edit

"Last year, when we started school, Rachel and I started hanging out with Molly and Megan. And it was fun at first. But then Rachel started talking to Molly's boyfriend. And Molly said it first, she said that we had to teach Rachel a lesson. And I thought that she was just joking, that we were gonna, you know, like, take her into the woods and scare her, but I should have stopped them. And I know that. But They made me do it. They made me kill my best friend."
Zoe Mitchell about Molly and her friends.[src]
Zoe with her "friends." ("Skanks Get Shanked")

After starting school, Zoe Mitchell and her childhood friend, Rachael, started hanging around with Molly Bartlett and Megan Harris because they were popular. After Rachel started talking to Molly's boyfriend, the others supposedly urged Zoe to help them kill her for it behind the school in the woods. The girls stabbed Rachael over 52 times while she begged them to stop. Around a year later from starting school, Zoe alone was charged with Rachel's murder due to the prosecutor gathering both Molly and Megan's testimony against Zoe for the trial. During the trial, the prosecutor uses Molly to present new footage of Zoe where she and the other girls discuss killing Rachel. Later, Annalise Keating crosses Molly where she herself presents a video where it shows Zoe copying what Molly does. Molly tells Annalise that she only hung around with Zoe because she hung around with Rachel and that she forced her way into their group. After hearing enough, Zoe stands and shouts to Molly in court saying that she is nothing without her. Her outburst suggesting that Zoe wasn't such a victim after all. After court, Zoe is taken away by the court police while her mother and father watch emotionally. ("Skanks Get Shanked")


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