"The idea of Lila on that table I-I didn't want to think of what they did to her. But then we got to put her to rest finally. And now this man He pretends he wants to find the truth, which is a lie. He wants to confuse the evidence, to ensure that no jury will ever convict Griffin or her, these two monsters, of killing our daughter Like animals. They murdered my baby girl. So I'm begging the court Please My little girl has been through enough. Just let her rest in peace."
—Miranda Stangard to the Philadelphia Courthouse[src]

Miranda Stangard is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. She is the mother of the late Lila Stangard.


Season 1Edit

Mrs. Stangard on the stand. ("He Deserved to Die")

After her daughter's death, Miranda followed the district attorney's case against Lila's boyfriend, Griffin O'Reilly and best friend, Rebecca Sutter as they were both accused of murdering her. Griffin's lawyer, Jared Keegan announced to the judge that he wanted to exhume Lila's body as some things were overlooked in her first autopsy. While Mrs. Stangard was taking her dog out for a walk, she was approached by Laurel Castillo who tried to make conversation with her by talking to her about her dog. Miranda, however, recognized her from the court and asked her to get away from her as she was with Annalise Keating, the attorney representing Rebecca. Laurel eventually explained that Miranda could speak out in court in order not to get her daughter's body exhumed as it could benefit Griffin's case if the body was exhumed. Later in court, Miranda explains to the court her opinions of exhuming her daughter's body and requests the court that the order is denied. However, after D.A. Wendy Parks agrees with Keegan, the judge agrees that Lila's body should be exhumed. In the autopsy, it was discovered that she was six weeks pregnant which created a new suspect, Mr. Darcy. ("He Deserved to Die")


Season 1
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