"It was our hope that this stunt would burn out on its own, but it seems to be metastasizing. All the city papers have picked up the story, and the President has started to receive calls from several alumni and donors. The situation's become a university problem. So, with everybody's best interests in mind, we are notifying you that you are suspended, effective immediately. At least until the board determines that your safety, the safety of our students, and the integrity of the university is no longer compromised."
—Mike Richardson to Annalise Keating[src]

Mike Richardson is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. He is the human rescorces lawyer for Middleton University.


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At Middleton University, an individual posted multiple posters of Annalise Keating with the word 'KILLER' inscribed across it all over the university. The chaos caused by the posters caused the president, Soraya Hargrove to consult Mike, an HR lawyer to assess their liability. They then called Annalise in to explain that they are doing everything that they can with the situation to try and find the individual responsible for the slanderous crime. Sometime later, the news caught wind of the story and in nearly every major news outlet, there was an article on the flyers and Annalise. This resulted in the board of Middleton University to come to the decision to suspend Annalise. After telling her that after calling her in, Annalise flips out and refuses to give up her teaching. She tells her that the university is treating her like the enemy when she is the victim. She explains that she doesn't think that she should be treated that way and tells the board that if they want her, they'll have to drag her from her classroom. ("We're Good People Now", "There Are Worse Things Than Murder")


Season 3
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