Middleton Health Center is a location on How to Get Away with Murder. Wes Gibbins was forcibly admitted after making a joke about killing himself, however, he was later released.


Season 2

After all of the events going on in his life, Wes found it difficult to sleep, only receiving around 2 hours of sleep each night. Wes then visited the clinic to see if he could get any sleeping pills. The doctor, Melanie Dalton initially refused to give him any pills as he wasn't telling her everything that was on his mind. Angry with her decision, Wes made a joke about killing himself on his way out. The doctor then refused to release him due to the severity of his "joke". Over the next 128 hours, Wes was held in a room where he was assessed by the same doctor who admitted him. The doctor tried to get him to open up to her about all of the different things that were going on in his life and claimed that the fastest way that he was going to get out of there was if he confided with her some information about what he is going through. Laurel came to visit him while he was admitted to see how he was. Avoiding what was really going on in his life, Wes told the doctor that the shooting of Annalise Keating opened up some old wounds as his mother killed herself in front of him when he was younger. Eventually, around 12 hours later, the doctor released Wes as she was satisfied that he wasn't in any danger of hurting himself. Whilst entering the reception, Wes saw that Asher, Connor, Michaela, and Laurel were trying to get Wes out. Wes revealed himself to the others and told him that he didn't tell her anything. ("She Hates Us")




Season 2
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