This article is about the legal clinic in Season 3, Middleton Criminal Law Clinic.
For the atricle about the legal clinic from Season 5, see Legal Clinic.

Due to the Keating 5 receiving the lowest scores ever, the professor, Annalise Keating was replaced. As a way that she could continue teaching at Middleton University, Annalise came up with an idea that she could run a legal clinic where she and her students would represent criminals who couldn't afford their own attornies. The Middleton Criminal Law Clinic[1] started in September 2015. Annalise personally chose the students from Criminal Law 100 to take part in the additional class. While the clinic was originally going well, Annalise was eventually fired from the university due to being arrested.


No. Client Charge(s) Episode
1 Karim Assaf Possession "We're Good People Now"
2 Irene Crowley Homicide "There Are Worse Things Than Murder"
3 Toby Solomon Manslaughter "Always Bet Black"
4 Tristan Fullerton Credit card theft "Don't Tell Annalise"
5 Dani Alvodar Aggravated Assault "Is Someone Really Dead?"
6 Nelson, Jared and Karen Duvall Conspiracy to commit murder "Call It Mother's Intuition"



Season 3
"We're Good People Now" "There Are Worse Things Than Murder" "Always Bet Black" "Don't Tell Annalise" "It's About Frank"
"Is Someone Really Dead?" "Call It Mother's Intuition" "No More Blood" "Who's Dead?" "We're Bad People"
"Not Everything's About Annalise" "Go Cry Somewhere Else" "It's War" "He Made a Terrible Mistake" "Wes"


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