"Look, man, I think you just need to relax. Or I need to kick your ass!"
—Matt to Connor Walsh after be becomes defensive[src]

Matt is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. He hit on Oliver Hampton before he turned his eyes onto Connor Walsh instead.


Season 3Edit

"Asian guys aren't really my type."
—Matt to Connor Walsh regarding Oliver Hampton[src]

While out at the casino one night, Matt approaches Oliver Hampton and the two begin to flirt. Though Matt seems interested at first, he later approaches Connor Walsh and offers him the drink which was originally meant for Oliver. He claims that Connor is more his type than Oliver as he normally doesn't like Asians. Connor takes offence and becomes defensive on Oliver's behalf. Oliver buts in at the wrong time and assumes that Connor is trying to sabotage him by hitting on the guy he likes. Connor tries to tell him otherwise as Matt excuses himself from the conversation and claims to go back to his friends. ("Always Bet Black")


Season 3
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